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Pasco letters: County doesn't need a lobbyist

County wasting money on lobbyist for roads

March 28, editorial

County doesn't need a lobbyist

Local politics may not be sexy, but we must recognize what's going on in our own county. The fact that a lobbyist should be paid $180,000 over four years to persuade Tallahassee to do what our legislators are being paid to do is not only wasteful, but downright foolish when we are in such a budget crunch.

Sen. Mike Fasano, Rep. John Legg and Rep. Will Weatherford can handle it. It's their bailiwick. Perhaps it's prestigious to have a lobbyist representing us in Tallahassee, but we can't afford to throw money away.

Commissioner Pat Mulieri appears to be the only commissioner with her head on straight. Surprisingly, Ann Hildebrand wasn't on top of it as well.

In times when we all are rationing our spending, it's also time for our commissioners to do the same.

Lilyan Dayton, New Port Richey

Let's get real

road work done

Talk about wasting money, all the county commissioners need to be replaced. It is time for new blood, new ideas about our roads in Pasco County. There are scores of roads that need to be fixed, patched or paved; roads that you can't even travel especially when it rains. Now, we find in March, there were and still are 15 workers and six to seven trucks stripping the yellow line off Kitten Trail and repairing the center line. That is definitely not cost effective.

With all the roads that need work in this county, who could allocate money to doing a repair of yellow lines that did not affect the front end of a car, ruin tires, knock mufflers loose and so on?

Pasco commissioners need to start taking a look at all of Pasco County and its needs and allocate funds appropriately. They have completely lost touch for the good of the people of Pasco County. We all pay taxes and pay the commissioners' salaries. They need to step up to the plate and take care of the road work.

Come and visit Theresa Boulevard. Hope you have a good suspension in your car. This is no joke, something needs to be done!

Charles Burgess, Hudson

Historian had

a major impact

The passing of Robert Dew will leave a void in the historical community. Robert was a meticulous researcher, avid historian and dedicated volunteer.

Historical research is important and Robert was meticulous. He read census reports, searched the Internet, combed through old documents and picked people's brains. His aim was always to have the correct information. He was critical and rightly so of historical information that was incorrect.

His love of history was evident in the time he spent at the Pioneer Florida Museum. He loved sharing his knowledge with others. I spent a fascinating day with him touring the cemeteries on the east side and even looking at the house on the hill. He had a story for each stop and a few hours stretched into a full information-packed day.

I do not want to leave a picture of Robert just immersed in dusty old books, maps and census documents. Robert loved to get his hands dirty and this he did through his many volunteer hours. One example is the work he did on Mount Carmel Cemetery. He and his brother, John, volunteered to clean the Mount Carmel Cemetery on Ehren Cutoff.

Although the Pasco Sheriff's Office and the Black Caucus helped with the original cleanup, there was still much to be done. Robert and John worked hours. Robert dragged his mower 30 miles or more and he and John spent day after day identifying plants, outlining burial sites, and mowing. He has left a lasting legacy on this site.

Robert's middle name was Emerson and at the funeral they gave out quotes from Ralph Waldo Emerson. I believe the following speaks to Robert and his work: "To leave the world a bit better by a healthy child, a garden patch or a redeemed social condition." To paraphrase Emerson: Many lives have breathed easier because he lived here. Thank you, Robert

Commissioner Pat Mulieri, Ed. D., Spring Hill

School will try out new fingerprint system | April 1, article

Fingerprint plan too intrusive

What a wonderful way to get around the fourth amendment to the Constitution. To keep lunch money secure, allow the government to take and record your fingerprints.

Why that would make law enforcement so much easier, having those prints on record. Why not get DNA on these kids? They can't object. They're too young. Of course, I had prints taken of my kids when they were little just in case they went missing, But I kept the records — not the school or government.

I don't have kids in Pasco schools and therefore have no standing to file suit. If I did, I would file it today .

Rick Hughes, Spring Hill

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