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Pasco letters: Keep recreation fees within reach

Fun will come at a higher price | March 26 article

Keep recreation fees within reach

I am very disappointed after reading the article. As a single mother of two, and with the prices of everything nowadays soaring, it's disturbing to think the county commissioners have approved fee increases for recreation centers.

Soon, parents will not be able to provide their children with any opportunities because prices of family outings, camps for kids, etc., will be outrageous.

I was just at the Holiday Recreation Center on Good Friday when the staff told me about their summer camp and how it was only $30 per week. I couldn't believe my ears.

With my daughter going to middle school next year, I thought this would be a perfect opportunity for her to attend the Holiday recreational camp for two weeks so she can make new friends, have a good time, etc. I also believe it is better to have your kids get involved or go somewhere rather than stay at home, where unimaginable things can occur. I also work full-time, and it's hard to work and concentrate when you're worried about your children's safety.

Now, I read the fees will be $50 per week (plus field trips are additional). This means, I have to come up with $40 extra for those two weeks. Now, $40 may not sound like a lot of money to some people, but I'm your average tax-paying citizen who lives paycheck to paycheck, and I barely get by on the amount I make at my job.

There is a serious problem that needs to be addressed. I'm sure that these commissioners make a lot more in pay than I, so it wouldn't concern them at all to raise not only camp fees, but most recreational fees.

And people wonder why kids get into so much trouble with drugs and teenage sex.

Carrie Macomber, Holiday

Jury finds ex-trooper not guilty in traffic case

March 26 article

Trooper correct to voice opinion

I'm glad the jury found the trooper not guilty. For him to call the driver "brain dead" was very appropriate.

I travel Interstate 75 twice a day Monday through Friday and every Sunday for work. I've seen drivers who fit the description of brain dead, water head and similar descriptions driving the interstate and I just wish that I could tell those drivers the same thing.

I do hope he is able to get his job back and still have the right to voice his opinion on what type of driver you are!

Bill Roy, Land O' Lakes

SunCruz should be an investigative priority

March 26 editorial

SunCruz casino bashing is unfair

I feel it is unfair of you to bash Port Richey/SunCruz Casinos.

If so many people are concerned about sea grass damage, then why not build a land-based, attractive casino here? Think of all the new jobs, a local economic boost and saving the environment all at once. It's time to ask why Florida can have Lottery and the Seminole Indian tribe can have casino gambling, but a Floridian cannot. Who is really the problem now?

I have done some work for SunCruz years ago and can attest that everyone there, from the owners to the captains and the deckhands, are some of the nicest, hard-working and most caring individuals you'll ever meet in Florida. I know they would never purposely hurt the environment, as many who work there love to fish and enjoy our coasts.

Once again, you evidently spent more time on a blame game than finding a peaceful resolution to a simple problem.

Joe Seaman, Port Richey

Partin mocks sheriff with job offer | March 13 article

Letter writer has quite the record

In regards to the letter by Phillup Partin to Sheriff Bob White, what a joke!

You have to be a real man or woman to become a Pasco deputy. Phillup said a lot of negative things about Scott Gattuso, but at least Scott Gattuso stood up and took responsibility for his mistakes.

According to records, Phillup Alan Partin has quite the little record himself and his mistakes have put him where he is today.

I say grow up Mr. Partin and earn your right to become someone. You might start by asking God to forgive you for what you have down to your own child.

Tara Lynn Ramsdell,

New Port Richey

Editor's note: The writer is the mother of Joshan Ashbrook, a 16-year-old killed in 2002. Last week, a jury convicted Phillup Partin of first-degree murder in the slaying.

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