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Pasco letters: Knowledge is key component of gun safety

Gun fail-safe can help save lives | Oct. 2, letter

Knowledge is key to gun safety

Since letter writer Arthur Hayhoe has a concealed weapons permit, he, obviously, did not learn anything in his class. First, he needs to know the difference between a clip and a magazine. A magazine feeds a semi-automatic handgun and most rifles, and not a clip, which is designed to be loaded with ammunition and placed as one unit into a fixed magazine.

Some of the semiautomatic handguns can be fired with a round in the chamber by pulling the trigger. In addition, they may or may not have an external safety or a magazine disconnect with the magazine removed from the gun.

As a certified firearms instructor, the first cardinal rule of safety is treating every gun as if it were loaded even though you know it is unloaded. You do not check it once, you check it three times, locking the slide back and placing your pinky in the chamber to check if there is a round in the chamber.

Guns are inert unless you apply a force to discharge the weapon. There is no accidental discharge on a gun, you have to apply the force to discharge the weapon. Most guns, today, have a built in hammer block to prevent the discharge of a gun if it is dropped.

Instructors are required to cover Chapter 790 Florida Statutes in the classroom and familiarize the applicant with the firearm he or she will be carrying concealed. The NRA is weeding out those instructors who are skipping the required subject material and not discharging a live round on the range. It takes more than one round to familiarize and thoroughly handle the weapon safely. Obviously, Mr. Hayhoe's instructor may have taken some shortcuts.

Nicholas Di Guiseppi, New Port Richey

A mini-train is a trip into rail history | Oct. 2

Trains don't belong in park

You have got to be kidding. Has anyone looked at the destruction done to the park because of these trains?

Aside from the 8-foot-wide swath a mile long that was cut for the train track, did anyone notice the area slashed for parking and such? This damage was done about a month ago. Maple trees, oak and live oak were bulldozed without regard. Pine trees burned without supervision.

Some of these trees (maples) were saved by park personnel when the expressway flooded a few years ago and replanted in the park only to be destroyed.

This is another rich boys club destroying our park for their fun. Is this not the same group that was in Pinellas County parks and asked to leave? Hernando County Airport has so much ground that it can house these trains without damaging the ecosystem. Go there.

Richard Hughes, Spring Hill

Absentee ballot should be secret

Absentee voting in Pasco County is alleged to be secret. Why is voter registration releasing information pertaining to my ballot status to the wife of Sheriff Bob White?

It is expected the registered voter will receive literature from most candidates. It is not expected, however, that I receive a personal letter from Diane White thanking me for voting absentee and to support her husband.

I consider such intrusion as ethically questionable and inappropriate.

James Soltis, Holiday

Let legislators walk in our shoes

I, as a taxpayer and Vietnam veteran, find it very hard to swallow this tax plan that our government has tried to institute against our fair nation! Why don't we as American taxpayers demand that the senators and Congress stop giving themselves salary increases year in and year out.

If the men and women want to play fair in government then maybe they should work for free or minimum wage to see how the rest of Americans earn a living!

Lee Rady, Hudson

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