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Pasco letters: Politicians failed on Wal-Mart traffic issues

Road engineer's plan missed mark | Feb. 22, letter

Politicians failed on traffic issues

The writer's concern regarding this traffic problem at the Leisure Beach entrance on U.S. 19 just north of the new Wal-Mart is the tip of the iceberg and is well founded.

Three years ago a group of owners from Beacon Woods, known as Safety Now, fought against the construction of this Wal-Mart. They tried to stop the bridge over Bear Creek which would have stopped this building and the increased traffic on U.S. 19.

When Ann Bunting, wife of the Pasco Republican Party chairman and head of the Spirit of '76 Republican Club became president of Beacon Woods, she dismissed the Safety Now group and appointed her own ad hoc group. The fight against Wal-Mart turned into a supportive position toward Wal-Mart.

Having personally attended many meetings at the county building and at the Florida Department of Transportation offices in Tampa, it became apparent that Bunting supported Wal-Mart and not the best interests of the homeowners in Beacon Woods.

Traffic problems existing now, before Wal-Mart opens in March, are bad. The traffic into Beacon Woods will only get worse. Our once serene community will never be the same.

The sidewalks now being built are funded by an equal contribution of $162,000 from Wal-Mart and Pasco County for a total of $324,000. This figures out to about $20 per foot for a 5-foot-wide sidewalk. Cement contractors we have contacted estimate $50 to $60 per foot. Observing the number of county employees and equipment being used, we wonder just how much more this gift of sidewalks will actually cost the Pasco county taxpayer.

Money talks, and the money flowed into political parties' coffers. Official political contributions in this 2008 election cycle, as of December 2007, show Wal-Mart contributed $614,700 to the Democrats and Republicans in Florida with Republicans receiving 57 percent.

Thank you very much, county commissioners and the leaders of the GOP, for spending our money wisely.

It will take less than two years before the state will have to realign Beacon Woods Drive and allow a left turn out of Wal-Mart onto the street and a left turn from Beacon Woods Drive east into Wal-Mart. The letter writer's concerns will now be confirmed. Let the accidents begin.

Daniel Meahl, Bayonet Point

Residents' apathy led to traffic woes

I read with interest the looming threat of the new Wal-Mart across U.S. 19 from Leisure Beach in Hudson. When this Wal-Mart Supercenter monster raised its ugly head several years ago, I was on the board of Beacon Woods and we tried to stimulate the Leisure Beach community to become involved and to attempt to add stop lights at their entrance on U.S. 19.

They are not an organized community and the apathy was astounding. Several people did attend one or two meetings with the county and Wal-Mart, but little other support was evident.

As a member of the community of Beacon Woods, I offer my support and best wishes and I do hope we do not have to wait for the sirens and flashing lights telling of a fatal wreck to stimulate the county and state to install stop lights and turn signals where needed.

Dana Jackson, Bayonet Point

Programs helped end Depression

A recent letter writer made the claim that World War II ended the Great Depression and that Roosevelt administration programs such as the Works Progress Administration and the Civilian Conservation Corps were basically useless.

Had he done some research, he might have found that, at the worst point of the Depression, 25 percent of the work force, about 13-million people, were unemployed. By 1935, the WPA was employing 8.5-million people. By the end of 1933, the CCC employed 505,000 young people.

These programs, by building infrastructure, sped up economic recovery. The WPA, for example, built 650,000 miles of roads and 78,000 miles of bridges.

The WPA became the largest single employer in the nation during much of the Depression.

The Depression bottomed out in March 1933. Unemployment declined steadily until a recession in 1937-38. Although unemployment stayed above 10 percent until 1941, the economy continued to improve throughout the 1930s.

In my opinion (and I have studied this), had the unemployed been left to starve, we eventually would have seen a Communist or fascist revolution.

The Great Depression was a collapse of the market capitalist system. The New Deal saved the U.S. from falling into hopeless poverty or dictatorship.

Dallas Dunlap, Brooksville

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