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Pasco letters: Politics has no place in utilities

Politics has no place in utilities

As a business owner and taxpayer in Pasco County, I find it hard not to weigh in on some of the recent issues that are related to purchasing private utilities.

My business services the needs of private and public utilities and I think that the idea of the government being the final solution to all problems is miscued. I believe that the government and private companies both make mistakes and have accidents in their day-to-day operations and I believe that regulatory agencies, such as the state Department of Environmental Protection and the federal Environmental Protection Agency, are aware of any health issues that are a threat to the public.

The idea that the government can solve all the problems that arise through Mother Nature seems to be something that they do not put much research into. Instead of buying the local utilities, which would put more local, tax-paying citizens out of work, the government should work harder on trying to resolve the water problems and provide a solution, such as co-mixing the drinking water that is provided.

All the water that we have comes from the same place and we need to provide an adequate solution for everyone to be satisfied with the end product. This is not a political issue, this is a health issue, and we should rely on the DEP to resolve it as it is the governing body of all utility companies.

Susan Stambaugh, New Port Richey

Here are the facts on landfill plan | Feb. 26, letter

Real facts show landfill a bad idea

With regards to Angelo's aggregate materials engineer's comments, it is clear they are sensitive to the true facts about their landfill being made public. Our group has studied their technical permit applications made to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and Pasco County and we, in turn, are providing that information to citizens without the biased spin or promises of the applicant.

They are requesting to build a traditional dump on 1,069 acres. They plan to bring in 3,000 tons of garbage a day. They are not requesting to build a public recycling drop-off center.

The proposed landfill site is not even capable of supporting a soil boring machine (the ground collapsed under it) let alone a garbage pile reaching 220 feet.

The applicant has no experience operating this type of landfill. The applicant plans to accept garbage not only from surrounding counties, but other un-named sources per their Feb. 15 DEP submittal. (We believe they will use the CSX rail lines to haul trash from the eastern U.S.) Hundreds of additional trucks per day will be hauling trash and dirt on the roads in this community.

They are spreading money around to gain favor from whomever they believe will help them get their dump.

An analysis of their dump's purported savings to taxpayers shows numbers that can best be described as a fantasy that would never be delivered. The unfortunate problem for our community is should this landfill be approved, Florida taxpayers will be saddled with the burden of cleanup if the landfill contaminates our water supplies. The cost of building a drinking water distribution system (since local wells would be contaminated) and the remediation of the Green Swamp/Floridan Aquifer will certainly be hundreds of millions of dollars, if not more.

The only peddling going on is from the landfill snake oil salesman and their shills who have something to gain from this project. Having the opportunity to see the documented facts of this proposed landfill under the spotlight and considering the lack of experience of the applicant, they certainly cannot provide citizens any reasonable assurance that their proposed landfill will not impact the environment or our community. It's just the wrong solution at the wrong location.

Carl Roth, Dade City

Brown-Waite ethically lacking

I attended and participated in the protest/rally at the Courthouse in Brooksville on Thursday. I was there to lend my voice and support with others in attendance who express disgust and dismay at U.S. Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite's stated political position that people from Guam and Puerto Rico are "foreigners" not deserving of U.S. rights and privileges. The protest was peaceful, productive and powerful in the statements of disagreement with an elected representative.

Upon returning home, I saw a short news segment on television that featured a response by Brown-Waite. Without doubt, her statement was of the worst public statement I have ever heard from any politician. With no respect to citizens voicing their dissent, with no respect of acknowledging citizen concern, with no respect of representation responsibility, Brown-Waite's response was one of condescending arrogance and bloated sarcasm.

Brown-Waite went beyond the boundary of her supposed sense of entitlement and has joined that genre of politician that is so prevalent today — absolutely unethical. An Ethics Committee investigation of Brown-Waite's political and personal behavior is necessary and warranted.

Bob Dodd, Dade City

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