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Pasco letters: Poor leadership damaging morale

Re: School superintendent debate

Poor leadership damaging morale

Pasco School superintendent Heather Fiorentino admits she needs to improve communications with district employees. I guess that's why she found it necessary to hire a director of communications for more than $84,000 a year. I would have thought that a veteran teacher and professional politician could communicate on her own.

The current superintendent admits that morale is poor. That's putting it mildly. I've been teaching in this district since 1989 and I've never seen morale this low. But according to her, she's not to blame. It's the economy, she said. The economy was tough in the early 1990s and our morale was not this low.

Maybe there would be more team spirit if the superintendent wasn't in the habit of violating the terms of the contract whenever it suited her and did something about abusive and incompetent administrators.

She admits the implementation of the multimillion-dollar boondoggle known as Learning Focus Strategies was a mess. Isn't implementation of programs her responsibility?

She claims the program was necessary because the district has many new teachers, several of whom did not attend a college of education to learn things such as classroom management and best teaching practices. Now I'm confused. Why did your administrators hire these people? Because several people were lacking in these skills every teacher had to be pulled from their classrooms for four days, especially when we weren't allowed to share our vast experience with the new teachers during these training sessions?

Pat Connolly, Zephyrhills

Teachers need lesson in reality

I find it amusing that the Pasco County teachers union has decided to back someone other than the incumbent superintendent in the general election.

They work approximately 190 to 200 days a year and now that the economy has crashed they are upset because they are not getting their pay raise. Perhaps they should ask for a show of hands in their classroom to see how many students have parents who have lost their jobs?

Anthony J. Morchen, Port Richey

3 teens arrested in rampage Oct. 9, story

Let the parents be responsible

Can someone please tell me what a 13-, 14-, and even 16-year-old were doing out at 2 a.m. on Wednesday morning when school is little more than five hours away? Where are these children's parents?

Also, what is it that makes these children so violent as to steal a vehicle and then use it to assault someone and beat him to acquire his belongings? Sounds like horrible rage to me and then you have to think about what has caused it.

To use an open car door to knock someone off a bicycle is not only cruel, it's criminal and could lead to severe injury or fatality.

To produce children like these with these horrible values is a testament to the trouble our society is in. We are in trouble because today's youths are tomorrow's adults. I think they should pass a law that minors' parents should be held accountable in some capacity for what their child does. That way, hopefully, people with children will take more responsibility.

Susan Daquino, Hudson

Domestic violence cannot be ignored | Oct. 1, guest column

Men can also be victimized

There are two kinds of sexism: one is against women and is well publicized and the other is against men and it is hidden well inside the closet and few people even dare discuss it.

The author of the guest column calmly and clearly ignores the kind of domestic violence perpetrated against men. The violence that women cause is no less bad than the violence that men cause.

There are many well-meaning persons who refuse to address the issue of men's rights and equality for men (with women) who have been taught false statistics and a form of hate-filled feminism that denies men their humanity.

Akil Todd Harvey, Tallahassee

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