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Pasco letters: Proposed beach unwise, selfish

Proposed beach unwise, selfish

The idea of a large beach in Pasco is a ridiculous idea and a humongous waste of taxpayers' money in a time when there are serious budget cuts needed!

In addition, if I am not mistaken, Pasco's coastline is naturally primarily marshland. If I am also not mistaken, the marshlands help curb flooding during the seasonal storms. Was nothing learned from Hurricane Katrina? Creating a beach could cause coastal erosion and the need to spend even more money to replenish the beach, all for the sake of convenience to people who just cannot stand the one hour or so drive to the natural beaches nearby. The convenience for people would also take away from the native species of plants and animals that already live here.

People have done enough damage around the world making the environment to suit their selfish selves. Leave well enough alone!

Alaina Harkless, New Port Richey

Faith and science are intertwined | March 7 guest column by C.D. Chamberlain

Science, religion don't match well

With all respect, minister Chamberlain, Aquinas was wrong. In fact, many times throughout history, religion has gotten in the way of scientific knowledge and the truth. If you could only talk to Galileo.

The difference between science and religion is that scientists are searching for the truth and are interested in acquiring new knowledge, while religions and their messengers presume they already know the truth and have most of the knowledge. They aren't looking for any new knowledge that might jeopardize their basic beliefs.

Most top-rated scientists graduate from distinguished universities with doctorate degrees and understand moral behavior, the principles of right and wrong. On the other hand, many messengers of various religions do not graduate from any reputable university and do not understand moral conduct. They put loyalty above all.

To open up an honest and fair debate on creationism, intelligent design or evolution, some things need to be put in perspective:

1. Darwin's theory of evolution.

2. Hinduism's theory of God (see the Vedas).

3. Judaism's theory of God (see the Tanakh).

4. Christianity's theory of God (see the Bible).

5. Islam's theory of God (see the Koran).

Etc., etc., etc., etc.

Ken Lang, Spring Hill

Brown-Waite has

bipartisan sense

I am a registered Democrat who crosses party lines to vote for U.S. Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite. Why? Because she cares for her constituents! She doesn't ask what party you belong to when you approach her with a problem or a question. She just follows through with dignity and respect.

Her town meetings are filled with information on what is going on in her district as well as in Washington, D.C., and focus on problems within this community and what she can or cannot do to alleviate them. If she is in Washington, her staff is always available and conscientious about being her representatives.

I don't always agree with what she has to say, but I respect the fact that she is up front with the issues. She will tell you how she voted on issues and why. I have never found her to be condescending or arrogant. She focuses on problems as well as solutions and is open to suggestions. What more can we ask for? The protesters from Orange County, as well as Jay Rowden, should be ashamed of themselves for making this an issue during a very vulnerable time for Ms. Waite personally. (Her husband was diagnosed with cancer.) Is Mr. Rowden attempting to set his wife up as the next congressional candidate?

Lucie Butler, Spring Hill

Resist Progress Energy's bullying

The lines were long and people patiently waited their turn to be ushered through the Progress Energy stations in this divide-and-conquer scheme at Silverthorn Country Club last week. The plan, as I see it, is to have folks from the three proposed power line sites squabble over where it is ultimately put. Thus distracted, they would fail to pursue answers to the bigger questions, such as:

Why are we in the Sunshine State even considering using dangerous nuclear power? If all these people know that power lines are harmful, then how would a person sell their house given the bad connotation (whether it is true or not)? Isn't it safer, for people, to put these lines underground rather than the cheap way out? Wouldn't we create more construction jobs by putting a solar panel on every roof in Florida?

And wouldn't it be better to get people off the grid and be energy self-sufficient, as opposed to having to pay a private entity for this costly enterprise? What, precisely, could people do to cut their energy use? Wouldn't cuts in use affect the bottom line of Progress Energy, which is a publicly traded company?

Suffice it to say that they have scared some poor people out of their wits. People left the meetings ticked off and/or crushed and disillusioned. As I chatted with others at this "event" I found I was not the only one who had been asking these questions.

Can they be stopped? Yes. How? It says in their brochure titled "Private Property Public Purpose" that they are given this right of eminent domain by Florida Statute 361.01, Chapters 73 and 74. That means this "right" can be taken away by our elected Legislature. I suggest calling Rep. Robert Schenck, R-Spring Hill, and have him get to work on this right away. Let's see how good he is. If he can't (or won't) stop this assault on homeowners' rights, then he can be replaced with someone who can!

Also, question our governor who, along with the Florida Cabinet, is directly responsible for the final siting of this project. Above all, don't give up; this is not a done deal. (Progress Energy may just want you to think it is so it's easier sailing for them.)

Meanwhile, don't be too surprised to wake up one day and find the power out. This will be followed by a report that our existing plants can't handle the power needs. This will cause folks to demand a new power plant. Keep in mind, you read it here first. Or was it something you have heard before? Yes, that's it. Enron had the power turned off in California not that many years ago to boost its stock prices. I suggest that everyone rent a copy of the DVD Enron: the Smartest Guys in the Room. (I will try not to think of another movie, Silkwood, but if suddenly I have an "accident," I hope someone does.)

Seriously, the Green Party is squarely opposed to nuclear power. It is not clean or cheap. Taxpayers fund construction and then the decommissioning of these plants. Please see our Web site,, for more updates on this crucial issue affecting our quality of life.

Jennifer Sullivan, Spring Hill

Editor's note: Progress Energy has scheduled meetings for 4 to 8 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday at Spartan Manor, 6121 Massachusetts Ave, New Port Richey.

Support for finals is appreciated

A big thanks to all our local business partners and parent volunteers. Your donations helped make the 2007 girls state weightlifting finals a great success.

On Feb. 9, River Ridge High School was the host school to more than 250 girls representing 170 high schools in Florida. The hospitality room for the judges, volunteers and coaches was catered by local businesses and parent donations. River Ridge High School and the Lady Lifters wish to thank you again for all your support.

Vicki Shoun, New Port Richey

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