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Pasco letters: Road decisions are based on politics

Politicians failed on traffic issue | Feb. 27, letter

Road decisions based on politics

I have to agree 100 percent. As the letter writer says, the Beacon Woods situation with the Hudson Wal-Mart seems to be politically motivated.

Let's look at a few facts. A stoplight at Di Paola Drive/Beach Boulevard was not allowed because it would be too close to the light at Beacon Woods Drive. The distance between these two streets is roughly three-quarters of a mile, or 3,960 feet. I believe the shortest distance allowed between lights on U.S. 19 was quoted at the time as being 2,500 feet. A light at this intersection would have been quite legal.

For several months, Wal-Mart had been canvassing the residents on the south side of Di Paola Drive about buying their homes to provide land for an entrance to the property. This was revealed to me on a golf course playing with two of these residents. With the Beacon Woods Drive reconstruction, Wal-Mart has reduced their costs considerably. The purchase of eight to 10 houses would have cost them in the neighborhood of $1.5-million to $2-million plus the demolition, but that cost would have minimal because it would be done at the same time as the main building. Total cost of the Beacon Woods solution was quoted at around $1-million. Compare this with the $4-million Wal-Mart agreed to pay for road construction at its store at State Road 54 and Grand Boulevard.

Consider these facts, too. At Little and Ridge roads, a new Home Depot was built and new lights on Little Road were installed despite the fact of a short distance of 2,000 feet from the lights at Ridge Road at the end of an S curve. Further south on Little Road, there are sets of lights at Trouble Creek and Rancho Del Rio Drive for the Publix plaza. The distance between these two lights is approximately 2,650 feet.

Where, oh where, was the Florida Department of Transportation while all this was going on? Will the Hudson Wal-Mart traffic on U.S. 19 grow so much that they will need a second entrance/exit at Di Paola? Only time will tell.

Art Wilkins, Port Richey

Group leaders' sole focus is guns | Feb. 29, letter

Guns protect families, freedom

A nation whose people don't have guns is a dictatorship and the people are subjects. A nation whose people have guns as their right are sovereign citizens. They are a free people.

The American people are fortunate that the Founding Fathers gave us a Constitution that states "the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed".

Letter writer Arthur Hayhoe is against "gun rights" and, presumably, is against freedom. If Mr. Hayhoe had his way, only the police and criminals would have guns. Criminals do not obey laws and use guns in their criminal activities. Their work is made much easier if they know that householders do not have guns with which to protect their families and their property.

In those communities where gun ownership is mandatory the crime rate is very low.

Bill and Ann Bunting should be commended.

Charles Derer, Hudson

Group leaders' sole focus is guns | Feb. 29, letter

Writer pushed by personal grudge

Is the letter writer Arthur Hayhoe living in Florida? First of all, when was the last time he bought a pack of cigarettes? It's easier to get a gun? What? Last time I bought cigarettes (a few days ago), I walked in, bought them and left. I didn't fill out forms, no one did a background check on me and I didn't have to wait three days to pick them up.

As for his comments about Bill and Ann Bunting, he doesn't even live in Beacon Woods. Maybe he should keep his nose out of other communities' business. Doesn't he have people to annoy and complain about in Wesley Chapel?

Mr. Hayhoe has been complaining about the Buntings for as long as I can remember. They're still contributing to the organizations of their choice and are hard-working, tax-paying citizens. Maybe if the writer contributed to his political party, he could make all the changes he thinks necessary for the greater good of Pasco County. Why not try that instead of slamming other contributing citizens?

Michelle Flood, New Port Richey

Group leaders' sole focus is guns | Feb. 29, letter

'Radical' stance criticisms off base

Radical Republicans? The support of the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights is radical? The Republican philosophy of lower taxes, less government and more personal freedom is radical? The concept of the right of the people to keep and bear arms is radical? To support an open and free market economy and to recognize the right of Wal-Mart to legally expand its business is radical?

What is letter writer Arthur Hayhoe thinking? Obviously his antigun and anticapitalistic biases are bursting at the seams, and, as usual, the Buntings are to blame. What nonsense.

He is talking about the conservative values of the Buntings, and their successes in implementing them. Not as radicals, but as community activists. He no longer argues the issues, but has turned to what are little more than ad hominem attacks. His antigun rhetoric, on the other hand, has failed over time, and the tone of his recent letters are evidence of that failure. Florida currently has over 477,000 concealed weapon/firearm licenses in effect, and that fact alone clearly shows that the people of Florida solidly back gun rights, and the right of every citizen to self-defense.

Lee Hanson, Hudson

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