Wednesday, February 21, 2018
Letters To The Editor

Pasco Letters: Sheriff Chris Nocco should get his facts straight

Sheriff should get his facts straight

My first thought when I read Sheriff Chris Nocco say the cafes might pay out 30 to 40 percent of revenues was the sheriff's lack of knowledge about self-employed people. I'll bet the sheriff hasn't a clue as to what the overhead of these businesses is.

Consider this: Cost of rent, taxes, payroll, telephones, Internet video games, water, electricity, accounting fees, day-to-day upkeep, alarms and unforeseen costs that occur. Shall I go on?

Mr. Nocco sounds more like a politician than a sheriff. He should get his facts straight and do his homework. He is supposed to enforce the law, not what people may earn from their business.

Bob Clark, Port Richey

Penny tax may attract jobs | March 18

End the tax and save your pennies

Once enacted, a tax never goes away. Such is the case with the Penny for Pasco sales tax due to expire at the end of 2014. Now, those in government who hate to let go are saying it should go for jobs. Most will be the usual low-paying jobs because the county has been unable to come up with a viable campaign to attract better-paying employers.

It continues to strike out nearly every time it goes to bat and refuses to take aim at companies in other localities for fear of making politicians in those localities mad.

Vote no for this ill-advised effort.

Pasco is a bedroom community not willing to change for fear of offending its neighbors. Save your pennies for another day.

John Ennis, Hudson

Some push for tax to fund natural gas buses | March 18

Natural gas math needs evaluation

The new Pasco County energy czar: Bill Bunting. Suddenly, Bill Bunting has a brainstorm, probably with some tutoring. Why not use the Penny for Pasco tax money he vehemently fought against in 2004 for natural gas vehicles?

Bunting's arithmetic is lacking a level of certitude. If diesel costs $4 a gallon and the school buses get 8 miles per gallon with the diesel, why would they want to spend more money to outfit the new buses with the capability to use natural gas?

A school bus equipped to chug along on natural gas at $2 a gallon would cost $8 to go the same distance as the diesel fueled vehicle. Not to mention the additional cost to construct fueling stations. The Pasco schools would add a cost of $30,000 premium for each vehicle too.

It seems that most all of the Penny for Pasco proceeds would go for this lame-brained idea to float. Mr. Bunting must think things through when considering how to spend taxpayer money.

This is a no-brainer. In these poor economic times if it isn't broken, don't try to fix it by spending and wasting more taxpayer money.

My advice to Mr. Bunting: Promote more drilling.

George Skinner, Hudson

Diesel alternative worth investment

About eight years ago, my wife and I visited Palm Springs, Calif., and saw a city bus with bold writing on its side that said something like "powered by clean natural gas." When we got back to Florida, I sent an email to the mayors of Tampa and St. Petersburg, but no answer.

Now, I'm getting mad. Is there no national driving force here, a consortium or panel that is seeing to the viability of this vital alternative auto fuel?

If Tad Kledzik of the Pasco County School District sees natural gas as a financial negative, he should seek out municipalities that have converted from diesel to understand their position.

Jack Bechtold, New Port Richey

Chasco dishonors American Indians

The Chasco Krewe float is a dishonor.

Chasco Krewe members say they are honoring Native Americans, but misrepresentation and stereotypical appropriation of Native American identities is not an honor. I call it a mockery of our culture and spirituality.

Imagine white people dressed in black face on a float with big red lips singing Mammy and eating watermelon. It would never happen! Why then is a float with white people wearing headdresses banging on a drum, wearing buckskin and feathers, prancing around in Hooters-type Indian costumes acceptable?

The American Indian Movement should not have to protest every year to bring attention to this civil rights violation. Chasco organizers should get into the 21st century and ban the Chasco Krewe Float.

AIM will again protest what we consider a racist float and ask other socially conscious people to join us.

Ruby A. Beaulieu, Port Richey


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