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Pasco Letters: Sheriff voters care about more than looks

Lots to remember as race for sheriff nears | March 4, C.T. Bowen column

Voters care about more than looks

After reading your column, I believe you have a serious prejudice against older women whose votes you say can be had for a smile and a polite nod from a handsome face like Chris Nocco's.

I really take offense because it is obvious more than just older women vote in Pasco, and no one seemed to hold Will Weatherford's good looks and Tallahassee political connections against him, except of course, we Democrats. To make like Nocco can get the female vote so cheaply by just a nod and a smile really says a lot about your feelings towards us older women.

I am going to base my vote for sheriff not only on how good-looking a candidate is and what lurks in the mind of a candidate, but most importantly of all, what is in his heart for the county and the nation he serves. It isn't just looks, brains, and being community-minded that attract women voters. We also know that a sheriff has to be a good marksman, good police officer, and have good judgment.

It will be to our benefit if you investigate each candidate on that basis, not just on being appreciated by the lady customers at Starbucks.

Kathy Lambert, Dade City

Waiting room politics should be kept neutral | March 3 column

Politics aside, the shouting is toxic

I couldn't agree more with Barbara Fredricksen's column on offensive TV in doctors' offices. And how about the knee-jerk vituperation that instantly rained on her head ?

Medical studies have shown the ill effects of noise on human beings. It is mental assault, distracting and stressful. It raises blood pressure and worsens anxiety. Angry voices especially are an act of bullying and aggression, like window-rattling rap: "I can make you listen to my insulting racket, and you can't do anything about it."

I don't care if it's Fox News, Jerry Springer or a screaming soap opera. It's toxic. Often, the volume alone is sickening, whatever the content.

I would love to see a crusade to acquaint the doctors with this concern. We have no-indoor-smoking laws because of the dangers of secondhand smoke. Why couldn't patients have a right to a waiting room that isn't a hostile environment ?

There are closed-caption options. There is non-contentious programming, or music. Exactly who is insisting on the obnoxious background noise? Is it the physicians, trying to inject their politics into the doctor-patient relationship? Like the doctor who notified his patients that anyone who voted for Obama should take their business elsewhere ?

Is it the staff ? I've found some who would very graciously turn the TV down or off — as well as those who acted like it was an indecent suggestion. I think it says a lot about the doctor if the staff is arrogant and unaccommodating, so, yeah, I don't go back there.

Or, is it the inconsiderate patients who are so addicted to outrage and controversy that they have to be immersed in it everywhere they go, other people be damned?

I think the folks who wrote to express their contempt for anyone's views but their own made Barbara's point. I can't imagine them tolerating being made to listen to what they don't believe and don't want to hear, repeated ad nauseam.

I've never encountered the liberal media morass, but I would dislike it being dinned into my ears in the doctor's office, too.

Nancy Boudreau, Brooksville

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