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Pasco letters: Slogan change is a waste of time

Slogan change is

a waste of time

Responding to the news that Port Richey's slogan could change, my chief concern is with committees that are spending time developing new slogans. Citizens and council members should be using their energy to develop the waterways, making them worthy of the recognition a new name might bring.

Using Pasco's gateway to the gulf might bring some concern to all who become aware of Pasco County's pending penalties by the Department of Environmental Protection under Consent Order 05-2682. To me, changing our name to associate with Pasco means the county needs to improve its view on managing our waterways.

Hopefully with the upcoming election in Port Richey, we will choose those who will support our waterways that we may be proud of our city whatever the slogan.

Patrick Raimond, Port Richey

Residential areas need more patrols

Recently, my 88-year-old mother-in-law was hit by a careless driver on Bougenville Drive in a residential neighborhood where speeding at 50 mph seems to be the norm. By the grace of God, she was not badly injured, but she was injured nonetheless.

What will it take for the appropriate people of this county to do their job in protecting our neighborhoods? If I knew what agency is responsible for placing speed humps/bumps in the road, I would contact them directly.

The accident happened directly in front of a house that I used to live in that is now occupied by my son. Bougenville Drive runs west to east from U.S. 19 and is a main artery though Jasmine Lakes. Unlike portions of Fox Hollow Drive or Ranch Road, this road has residences on both sides of the road and dead-ends in the subdivision. It seems the motorist that hit my mother-in-law was passing another motorist against a double yellow line.

I thought that double yellow lines meant there is no passing in that stretch of the road. Which, by the way, runs the entire length of the road.

While sitting there awaiting paramedics and the road blocked by the offending vehicle, another jerk driver came past us in an SUV at what was a higher rate of speed than the written limit again, crossing the double yellow lines. I had previously noticed the driver hightailing it around a corner, then running a stop sign at Jasmine Lakes Boulevard at a very high rate of speed.

Cops say that they can't be in every neighborhood. I say instead of cruising U.S. 19, officers need be cruising residential neighborhoods in search of reckless drivers. I am sure their time will be well occupied.

Jasmine Lakes has many retired folk who still live in the neighborhood and these people are at risk every day if they step outside their homes or go for their walks in their own neighborhood.

Consider this a plea to the appropriate agency to monitor through roads and make a determination to place traffic control devices where they are sorely needed. Bougenville Drive needs more than several.

Perhaps we need a hotline where motorists can call in to report these reckless and careless drivers. After authorities receive a set number of complaints against a certain tag number, the license will be suspended until a $500 fine is paid.

Mario Monteleone Sr., Spring Hill

Deputies set on giving out tickets

I can relate to the problem this guy had with the officer giving him a ticket for trying to protect the public.

Why didn't the officers see the mattress and remove it? Too busy on the cell phone? I have observed deputies and troopers on cell phones while on duty, driving down U.S. 19.

I was driving in the rain on U.S. 19 in the center lane when all of a sudden a car swerved into my lane. I slide into the back of his car. A Christmas tree was in his lane, and he jumped lanes to keep from damaging his car.

He told the deputy that it was not my fault, that it was his, but they were determined to give me a ticket. It cost $78.50. I attempted to remove the tree and was told not to. There is no excuse for this behavior.

Harvey Dupree, Hudson

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