Monday, December 11, 2017
Letters To The Editor

Pasco Letters: Stop repaving roads and give us sidewalks

Stop repaving; give us sidewalks

Pasco County repaved most of Hicks Road from New York Avenue to State Road 52 last year. This month, the county repaved New York Avenue from Hicks Road to U.S. 19. Thank you, but we didn't need repaving; we need sidewalks and bicycle paths. Both Hicks Road and New York Avenue are without shoulders, and the grass on the sides is too rough to ride on and dangerous for walking.

There is a beautiful park with a great walking-jogging-cycling trail, on Hicks Road between New York Avenue and Hudson Road, but it is suicide to walk to it.

The next time the county has money to burn, we hope they will provide something useful like sidewalks instead of repaving perfectly good roads.

A.J. D'Amario, Hudson

Utility monopoly is not capitalism

Never have I been so happy to be a customer of Withlacoochee River Electric Cooperative. I don't know how their rates compare to other electric companies across the nation, but I do know this: They are not charging me for anything I am not getting and may never get.

With gasoline prices flying high and the ramifications that will follow, I don't see how anyone (Progress Energy customers) will deal with such a travesty of ethics. I don't know why, but I always thought that monopolies were a no-no in America. Apparently I'm wrong. Capitalism is supposed to be about competition — I guess I'm wrong there, too. If a customer has no choice but to deal with a provider or have no electricity, that seems go against everything I can remember learning about monopolies and price-fixing.

Michael T. Lemen, New Port Richey

Praise for Reps. Legg, Corcoran

Now that the regular legislative session has ended, I want to recognize the efforts of two members of the Pasco County legislative delegation for their outstanding efforts to help defeat one of the most consumer-burdensome bills filed this year. House Bill 245, known as the "Citizens Depopulation" bill, would have pushed Citizens policyholders into unregulated insurance companies.

Reps. John Legg and Richard Corcoran stood up on the House floor and passionately worked against this bill, which was poised to have its most important consumer protection stripped away. Instead, due to their efforts and the votes of other consumer-minded legislators, the bill never again saw the light of day.

The bill's House sponsor wanted to remove a provision that was added by the Florida Senate. The provision would have required insurance companies to sit down with policyholders and explain to them that if they switched to an unregulated surplus lines company their rates could be raised at any time (without the state's approval) as well as other risks they would be taking.

It takes courage to go against leadership, but Reps. Legg and Corcoran did just that. All legislators who voted against this bill in both the House and the Senate deserve praise for putting consumers first.

Sen. Mike Fasano, New Port Richey

Politics aside, the shouting is toxic | March 14, letter

Quiet helps fears in doctor's office

The letter supporting Barbara Fredricksen's column couldn't have been better.

I am sure the vast majority of people appreciate a quiet and calming atmosphere while waiting, often anxiously, for an appointment. I hope doctors and testing centers are reading and will learn.

Christine Taylor, Port Richey


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