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Pasco letters: Students should use county buses

Students should use county buses

A March 26 letter by Robert Proctor talked about libraries getting back to basics. A March 27 headline was about teachers delaying annual increases, to which they said "no way.''

There are many areas where the Pasco School Board can cut costs, some small, some very large. Other than salaries, two big costs not related to the schoolroom are meals and busing. The cost is tens of millions of dollars. Schools are not babysitters; parents need to take control of how their children get to school and what they put into their stomachs.

Here in Pasco we have a very efficient public transit system that is subsidized by tax money. I could never figure out why Pasco, or any other county or city, has to have two competing bus services at public expense. The obvious solution would be to eliminate school busing and use the Pasco County Public Transportation, PCPT, for all transit needs. In Pasco the PCPT system would have expand to cover some school areas.

Certainly, if libraries need to get back to basics, schools need to do it even more urgently. At one time many years ago, schools taught the three R's and we walked to school. We, who are over 50 now, have made a successful way in life. Colleges and universities do not supply free transportation, so why do schools?

Florida is not Maine, Michigan or Minnesota, where winter requires many extra education costs. Walking or taking the PCPT at our own cost to school should be the norm in southern counties like Pasco.

Art Wilkins, Port Richey

His good deed illegal

March 19 story

Deputy made poor decision

Two weeks before Mr. dos Santos was involved in an accident and received a citation for his act of kindness, my daughter and I were outraged at narrowly avoiding an accident while driving on U.S. 19 at 10 p.m. near Gulfview Square mall.

Being a good driver, my daughter could see blue lights about 100 yards ahead of her. What a shock for us when we saw the Pasco sheriff's vehicle was not on the shoulder of U.S. 19, nor in an adjacent parking lot, but at a complete stop in the right hand lane between two major intersections.

We escaped a potentially life-threatening accident by switching to the middle lane. What was this officer doing? The officer was certainly not investigating an accident, but standing safely on the shoulder with a clipboard in hand. It appeared the deputy was writing a citation.

In a perfect Pasco County, perhaps another officer could have seen this incident and brought the matter to Sheriff Bob White, who, after investigating the full circumstances of this event, might have had an opportunity to reprimand one of his own officers.

Thank the fates that none of us were injured, including my daughter's other passenger, her innocent 2 1/2-year-old-daughter and my precious granddaughter.

Drivers, be alert and drive safely at all times, especially on U.S. 19 in Pasco County.

Linda R. Lottes,

New Port Richey

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