Monday, October 22, 2018
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Pasco Letters to the Editor: U.S. Rep. Daniel Webster need to listen to constituents

Wallace needs to do more than pose

This has been a very interesting couple of days here in Florida Congressional District 11. Most people know that their representatives in Congress and senators returned to their districts last week to have town hall meetings. The purpose of the meetings is to find out what the important issues are that affect his/her constituents and to explain his/her position on various subjects. These are the people they are supposed to represent.

At the November election, U.S. Rep. Daniel Webster was elected to represent the people in District 11. Since he is new to this district, he should have known that he would have to have offices in some various areas of the district. Did he utilize that time to establish offices and make some effort to meet the people in those areas?

It has been advertised for some time now that he would be in the area to hold meetings in two areas of District 11. One was in Citrus County and one here in Hernando County. They were advertised as "meet and greet" events. On Feb. 22, he held a ribbon-cutting ceremony in Inverness. A large crowd showed up to meet Rep. Webster and to ask some questions involving some very critical issues facing the people in the district. However, all Rep. Webster did was put on a "dog and pony show" by cutting a ribbon to open his new office. As soon as that was accomplished, he exited the meeting area and refused to answer any questions. The entire event lasted 20 minutes.

On Feb. 23, he attended the "meet and greet" event in Brooksville. He has a small suite of offices there, but the small crowd that showed up couldn't get into the office because it was a very small area. Part of his short talk involved his unveiling a large fake check, signing the check and explaining how he returned his salary to the U.S. Treasury.

He then put on the "dog and pony show" event by cutting a ribbon in celebration of opening his tiny office in Brooksville. Even though he had time to fill, no questions allowed.

If this is the type of representation we can expect here in District 11, I can understand why he didn't run in one of the districts he has represented in the past. The people that attended these meetings had question concerning the Affordable Care Act, Medicare and Social Security, EPA concerns, education and many other subjects.

I can see where this is going to be a long two years.

Harvey Martin, Spring Hill


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