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Pasco parks fee is a double, perhaps even a triple tax

Park parking fee is a double tax

I find it interesting that Pasco County has now decided to charge everyone a tax ($2 parking fee) to visit our public parks. First, you take my tax money to buy the property and build the facilities. Next, you require me to pay a tax (parking fee) to visit my own park.

But it really takes gumption to list your tax as a parking fee ($1.86) and then charge a tax on the tax (14 cents).

Well, commissioners, I will no longer be visiting my parks in Pasco County. I will, however, vote in the next election and see if we can elect someone that actually knows how to manage a budget.

Jack Hodges, New Port Richey

Handicapped parking fee irks

I think all of our commissioners must be crazy to charge $2 for a handicapped parking spot. They never took into account that the state gives veterans free passes to the state parks.

Commissioner Jack Mariano seems to be the only one who cares. All the rest bad mouth him, but at least he cares about the people.

Peter Winne, Hudson

Back in power, officials hike fees

I have to laugh every time I read the letters to the editor. What were the people of Pasco County and the state thinking would happen, when they voted for the same crowd during the midterm elections?

All you people did was to return and add more of the same caliber of elected officials who got us into this mess in the first place. Now people are writing and whining about the fees (taxes) to go to public parks, more money to launch boats and more money for kids to play in co-sponsored leagues.

And when I was at the Tax Collector's Office (I guess it should be called the Fee Collector's Office, to be politically correct), there were a number of people complaining about the cost of their state vehicle registration.

Well, for the people that voted for this bunch and the people that didn't bother to vote, you created this monster and now you can feed it, so stop your whining.

Dave Trump, Holiday

City hall is doing much better now

Thanks to all Port Richey residents who have supported me and I'd like to let others know the facts surrounding recent accusations. I did not apply for a job at the city, they asked me to help with a series of issues, all of which existed when some of my recent detractors were in office. Where is the trust there?

The city was declared in a financial state of emergency for the nearly $1 million deficit spending in its water and sewer enterprise fund; the fire department was responding to fires in a 1992 Ford Taurus because none of the fire engines were operating; and the city had spent untold hundreds of thousands of dollars renting a sewer line cleaning truck, which has now been purchased. The savings will more than recoup its cost. The list goes on to include a million dollars spent on a dredging project that hasn't been totally permitted and hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on plans for the development of a downtown that didn't happen.

I was asked to come and fix the city's major, long-term issues and we are making significant progress. The terms of the city's agreement with me were results oriented, not based on past arrangements of time sitting in a chair, to no avail.

Ellen Posivach,

Port Richey, City Manager

School union's demands unreal

Is school union head Lynn Webb for real? Let's see, the school district gets a federal stimulus check. The school board wants to safeguard some of the money to alleviate a financial crisis for next year. Sounds smart.

The teachers want it to be given to them for a payroll increase. So, you give the teachers this stimulus money. They get a raise and next year comes around, no more stimulus money but payroll increased. Now, do the teachers get their salaries cut back to pre-stimulus levels? That should be interesting.

Do these teachers think they are the only ones in the job market who have not had a raise? How about the countless workers all over the U.S. who have had hours cut or reduced pay or lost a job? I do not see any logic intertwined in this.

Yes, there are dedicated teachers but they all have to get a grip. They are not the only ones suffering in today's financial scene. Just the reverse, they have it very good!

Christina Ennist, New Port Richey

Shopping, but no thanks, in holiday

Can I be the only one who is insulted by the term "Black Friday?" It seems that this term, used by retailers and their staff, has now become a household word and ranks just below a national holiday. It spoils the sentiment of Thanksgiving, which was meant to be a day of thanks and praise according to President Abraham Lincoln.

Now, Thanksgiving has become synonymous with overeating, football games and shopping. Many retailers tried to jump start the shopping frenzy by offering sales on Thanksgiving Day. Others opened in the wee hours of the morning to lure the greedy. Some stayed open all night. Oh, good, we can shop instead of sleep.

The Friday following Thanksgiving was always a day to rest a little, eat some leftover turkey and thank God for the four-day weekend if you had it, thank God for less traffic if you had to go to work and, especially thank God for your blessings.

What I see now are greedy people who have no respect for Thanksgiving and would not know how to give thanks for the really important things like good health, family, a country where we are free, etc. Instead, they camp out to grab the early-bird specials at the retail establishments and keep right on grabbing until the fat lady sings. And, whatever happened to the "praise" part of the equation? That all seems to be gone in the spirit of give me, give me, give me.

We have to wake up and drop this Black Friday nonsense. We are ruining our culture in the name of cheap junk merchandise.

Lewis Corvene, Hudson

Driver damaged yard, then fled

This is to the 60-something man in a sedan who plowed through my lawn, brickwork and flower/shrub bed on Sail Drive in Beacon Square during the evening of Nov. 23. A family member heard the commotion and came out to find you incoherent in your car.

Your car came to a stop in my driveway a few feet from my own parked vehicle, after you had shattered and scattered my bricks, dug an 8-inch or more deep rut that was about three feet long and also tore up about four feet of my sod lawn. My family member asked you to get out of your vehicle to discuss the damages. You told her there "was no damage," then sped off in your vehicle.

You are an irresponsible coward, who committed the crime of hit-and-run property damage. I am a senior citizen on a fixed income, and I take great pride in my yard. You have ruined a good deal of my property and you will cost me quite a bit of money to repair and replace what you destroyed. It is because of cowards like you that our insurance rates skyrocket. Happy Holidays sir. I sure hope you get what you deserve.

Karen Fostel, New Port Richey

Group helps those in need

It is with warm regards that I thank the members of the Community Service Council for the foresight to once again spearhead and orchestrate the Thanksgiving Outreach.

The members of this community outreach group have touched the lives of many folks who found themselves in an unfortunate situation this year. The dinners that were provided to the ROPE Center were a blessing to each and every resident of our facility. The members of this group are the very reason I am so proud to have been a past president and past officer of the Community Service Council of West Pasco

Our mission for the Rope Center is to partner with the church and community to provide a program to feed, clothe, shelter and provide essential services to prepare the homeless in returning to a life physically, mentally, financially and spiritually; and to share hope and help to move people from homelessness and despair toward personal and spiritual wholeness. We have designed this program to be relevant to the life of the community with a focus on communication with our constituencies by sharing the successes of this program and affirm our position as a focal point for Pasco's homeless.

Sue Campbell

CEO/co-founder The Rope Center

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