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Pasco residents raise voice to guide county

Raise your voice, guide your county

Over the past several months, Pasco County has engaged in a community outreach effort to gain input from citizens on the county's future. The response to this effort has been overwhelmingly positive and the feedback has been both valuable and constructive. We wish to thank the many Pasco County residents and employees who took the time to participate and share their ideas and suggestions for how county government can improve.

More than 200 residents and business owners attended four stakeholder meetings held in east, west and central Pasco. Hundreds more completed written surveys, e-mailed their suggestions or participated in one of a dozen small focus groups targeting specific interest areas. These residents and businesses demonstrated a commitment to the betterment of our community and we truly appreciate their involvement.

It is vital that our citizens' voices are heard as we move through the current budget process, our LEAP (Lean, Efficient, Accountable Pasco) initiative and the overall strategic planning process. Your feedback will directly impact decisions that must be made regarding the future growth and development of Pasco County, as well as services that can be provided in this tough economic climate.

The survey results and feedback from public meetings are being compiled into a draft report that will be presented to the Board of County Commissioners in May. The results will also be posted to our Web site at under the LEAP Into Excellence link, once the report is compiled.

We value citizen input and appreciate those who took the time and effort to share their views with us. If you were unable to attend one of the public meetings or did not receive a survey in the mail, please visit our Web site, click on the customer comment card and submit your feedback there. You can also print and complete the survey form, which is available on the LEAP page of the Web site.

As always, we look forward to hearing from you as we strive to make Pasco County a great place to live, work and play.

John J. Gallagher, Pasco County administrator

Piecemeal pet rules need fixing

I live in a deed-restricted community which has five different sections. Why do some units allow pets and others don't?

A woman went to her doctor and got a doctor's note for her health. She needed her dog with her for her own comfort and well being. When this was told to a woman in another section of the community, she went to her doctor and did the same.

The board made her give up her dog even though she had the note from her medical doctor. Why should there be a difference? All five sections are together, how can this be enforced when your neighbor has a pet and you don't?

Brenda Larsen, Port Richey

This is no time to be wasting water

In Wyndham Lakes and specifically on Wyndham Lakes Drive, the water is flowing freely, down the gutters and into the sewers from lawn watering. Did they not get it? We are in a draught.

Between 4 a.m. and 6 a.m. every day you can see the show of disrespect for our water supply and the sprinkler restriction. Some sprinkle only once a week, some every other day, and a couple sprinkle every day, come rain or shine.

My respect for those who follow good judgement and care about the finite water resource.

David H. Marshall, Odessa

Power is as close as your keyboard

Sen. Mike Fasano's fight against double-dipping brought out the best in our Florida residents. His fight compelled many Floridians to e-mail their representatives and insist that the Sen. Fasano's bill be reconsidered. Guess what? Not only was it reconsidered, it passed.

Sen. Fasano deserves a big thank you for putting this double dipping issue on notice that we want to clean up Florida's way of doing business.

The passage of this bill also proves another thing: People matter. Hundreds of support letters, calls and e-mails made the difference. Florida can change the status quo.

How about asking the Pasco residents a question each week and posting their answers? It would be interesting to see how our fellow residents really feel, instead of just hearing from the few with the loudest voices. Pasco residents, you don't have to march, go to a meeting or even use a stamp. Your e-mail can be a strong weapon in changing how thing get done.

Pasco, let's let our elected representatives know how we feel. Be it the County Commission, senators or representatives, we can make a difference but we must make ourselves heard.

Joan Shapiro, Hudson

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Pasco residents raise voice to guide county 04/28/09 [Last modified: Tuesday, April 28, 2009 5:32pm]
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