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Pasco School Board needs a remedial Constitution class

Civics update for the School Board

Let me see if I have this right.

Teachers trying to make ends meet since the board froze their salaries shouldn't tutor students.

Employees of the Pasco School District who have the right to vote for School Board members in elections must go through superintendent Heather Fiorentino (Bill Bunting) to express their concerns as a citizen/employee.

Employees must inform the School Board/superintendent with a plan if they plan to run for a public office. Like superintendent.

Does the board think this needs going over or are just oversights and they need to ask their lawyer? Remember a little thing we learned in school, it's called the Constitution. Maybe the board needs an education.

Jay Phipps, Bayonet Point

Parking plan needs rethinking

I read the Pasco County commissioners are considering an amendment concerning "people who park in their private driveways but manage to block the sidewalk in front of their homes."

Since Pasco County already forbids parking on the street, where are people (i.e. visitors) supposed to park?

Some people have parties, some have prayer gatherings, some have their children's high school friends come over to do homework, etc. Where would all these visitors park?

I understand the importance of keeping a sidewalk clear for use by people walking, in wheelchairs, on bicycles, etc. However I think the added restriction would cause problems for the majority of Pasco residents.

Maybe, apply the restriction only if a vehicle is on a driveway and blocking the sidewalk when that vehicle could be moved to a position on the driveway and not block the sidewalk.

Bernard Jurgiel, Wesley Chapel

Will the deputies get tickets, too?

If you look around the complexes you will see that most of the sidewalks are blocked by off-duty sheriff's deputies, at least that is the case in Shadow Ridge off State Road 52 in Hudson. The cars are parked at their home, when they are off duty.

Ron McGinnis, Hudson

Hey, City Council, share the pain

Since Port Richey Council members Phil Abts and Perry Bean don't feel that there should have been raises for city employees, I have a great idea. Why don't all council members give back what they are paid?

A couple of the members should be paying the city to put up with you because, as far as I'm concerned you haven't done anything to earn the money.

Be glad you get what you get because the employees are very grateful for the raises.

Judy Parisi, Port Richey

State needs safe gun storage law | Oct. 7 letter

If a gun's stolen, blame the thief

Your gun is lost or stolen. Period. This is what you should be upset about — the fact that your gun is lost or stolen. The problem isn't that you own a gun; the problem is that someone stole it.

Who is so naive to think that a robber wouldn't be using a stolen gun to do bad things? It's a moot point to argue about whether or not stolen guns are used to commit crimes. It's the bad people who do bad things who are stealing guns in the first place.

The problem with this world, and with the letter writer's way of thinking, is that they cast the blame on everyone except the thieves. Let's blame car owners for leaving their cars unlocked. Let's blame homeowners for leaving their houses unlocked. Let's blame gun owners for owning a gun because thieves break in and steal them to do more bad things.

The world is becoming more and more backward every day.

Samantha Maggard, Zephyrhills

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Pasco School Board needs a remedial Constitution class 10/07/09 [Last modified: Wednesday, October 7, 2009 4:23pm]
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