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Pasco sheriff responds to reader's letter about training

Losing respect for Sheriff White | Sept. 8 letter

Not all officers get paid training

The letter writer was apparently given information that the Sheriff's Office was sending state-certified correctional officers through another certification course at Pasco-Hernando Community College. This information is incorrect. We do not send employees, or prospective employees, through repeat certification training.

Only when needed as a recruiting tool, we will offer part-time positions to those individuals who are not correctional officer certified and, on their own time, are willing to attend the certification course. We pay the cost of tuition and books for the four-month course, if they agree to remain employed at the Pasco Sheriff's Office for three years. The total cost of approximately $2,500 per person is an inexpensive way to recruit candidates who are not certified, but who are otherwise well-qualified for the job of detention deputy — and the best way to ensure a real investment in our community.

I sincerely hope this addresses the writer's concerns. I would invite her to call my office if she has any further questions or concerns, and we will be happy to address them. I would also invite anyone interested in the above program to contact my Human Resources section at (727) 844-7791 to obtain more information about the correctional officer academy sponsorship program.

Sheriff Bob White, New Port Richey

Jail policy leads to some sad faces

I am part of a ministry that feeds the homeless on Saturday nights in Port Richey. One of our regulars got into some trouble and is currently in the Land O'Lakes Detention Center.

Our group writes to him often to encourage him and keep his spirits up. So, imagine our surprise when postcards were returned for "unauthorized content."

The unauthorized content? A smiley face. Yes, just a circle, three dots and a "U." It was not a drawing of an escape route or even a vulgar or pornographic image. Just a simple smiley face. So much for encouragement! (Insert sad face here.)

Judy Prine, New Port Richey

Fiscal priorities raise questions

Something is amiss when guys from the sheriff's own force lining the walls of the courthouse during the budget hearing whisper to me "good job'' when I criticize the sheriff's prioritizing regarding the Richard Corcoran campaign, etc.

They are all there to support their boss, yet on the way out, in front of the courthouse, a sheriff's employee told me they cannot afford the protective helmets they need for the street fighting they encounter. He told me they cost $1,000. Do our commissioners know about this kind of stuff?

I praise both Commissioners Ted Schrader and Michael Cox for being so forthright publicly with the sheriff as they were Tuesday. Cox offered to help consolidate some services. Schrader said people call him and say not to give the sheriff any more money, even though they are pro-law enforcement.

The sheriff may have a hearing problem or a failure to understand what the commissioners have been telling him. He could turn up his hearing aid or get closer with them. They want to work with him.

Kathy Lambert, Dade City

Rays game is costly night out

Let's go to the Rays game. Let's see, the seats you can afford require you to be a mountain climber and when you finally make it there, you are so high you don't even know who's up.

Let's have a beer and a hot dog (one each at the game) or a six-pack and a whole bunch of dogs at home for the same money.

Parking? My garage is free! Replays? The television is the only way to go. Our Sun Sports guys are the best. The broadcast on national television the other night proved that point.

Let's face it, we are all in favor of the Rays, but the fat cats do not have a clue what $100 means to us fans. Or do they? Make it reasonable and many more people will come.

Let's cheer for the Rays in person to boost their spirits. The concessions are hurting, not helping, the Rays.

Bryan Holton, Holiday

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