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Pasco teachers can't afford pay freeze

When pay gets pinched

May 29, article

Teachers can't afford pay freeze

After reading the article about the community not supporting teacher pay raises, I knew I had to write.

When Allen Crumbley, the Realtor, told his sad story regarding the housing market, I wondered what he was doing and saying when houses were selling at ridiculous prices and he was making lots of money. Did teachers have the opportunity to do the same?

Tom Castriota, teachers support your business and buy your cars at your prices and you make a profit. All the time.

True, teachers don't get into teaching for the big bucks; they get into it to teach your children. You give us the best you have and tell us to do the best we can.

Our jobs have become more difficult and more demanding and we can't say we don't want to give the FCAT or we don't want to do RTI or LFS or anything else the state, the district or the legislators demand of us.

In sales you have every opportunity to earn more money even in a bad economy; teachers don't. If you don't think your child's guardian and advocate is worth a few dollars a day more, then you need to think again.

What would the world do without teachers? Teachers need and should receive a salary that says we trust you with our children and their future.

Laura Metallo, Spring Hill

Heroes, not sales, on Memorial Day

It all started after the Civil War. Communities in the South set aside a day to mark the end of the war and as a memorial to those who died. Northerners, being impressed, soon followed.

On May 5, 1868, in his capacity as commander in chief of the Grand Army of the Republic, General Logan issued a proclamation that Decoration Day be observed nationwide on May 30. On that day, the tombs of the fallen Union soldiers were decorated in remembrance of their sacrifice.

After World War II, the day was renamed to Memorial Day, an unofficial holiday. In 1967, Congress passed the Uniform Holidays Bill which moved Memorial Day from the traditional day of May 30 to the third Monday in May. Presidents Washington's and Lincoln's birthdays were combined into Presidents Day.

In my opinion, together with doing away with the draft, the Uniform Holiday Bill is eroding the patriotism of this great republic.

Memorial Day has turned into sales day. Furniture, clothing and cars are becoming the reason for this day. Forget the mattress and remember our fallen heroes.

Walter B. O'Reilly,

New Port Richey

Kids risk lives playing 'chicken'

At about 6 p.m. Thursday, May 22, my husband and I were traveling east on Stone Road, off U.S. 19. There a rise from the street to the sidewalk which creates a small hill.

As we approached this area, we noticed three boys, approximately 11 to 13 years old, at the top of this small hill. When we neared the spot, one of the boys drove his bike down the hill and braked approximately 2 feet or less from the front right passenger side of our car. We are positive they were playing chicken since all of them laughed, including the boy on the bike.

When we arrived at our destination, a short way away, we noticed the three boys riding their bikes and when they saw us they turned around and headed back to U.S. 19.

I am writing this to ask all parents in this area to question their sons' whereabouts at that time. Also, please teach them it takes a man to say "no" to participation in dangerous actions. You just might be saving your son injuries, or even his life.

Dolores Amoriello, Hudson

Sertoma Club deserves thanks

This month the Sertoma Speech and Hearing Foundation of Florida celebrates the 25th anniversary of the grand opening of the original Sertoma Speech-Language Hearing Center on Trouble Creek Road. It has been an honor to serve all of the hard-of-hearing children and adults in Pasco County for 25 years.

The West Pasco Sertoma Club formed this organization because it saw a great need for these services. Members negotiated an arrangement with All Children's Hospital to bring their vision to reality. The arrangement included a major financial commitment to cover all expenses and operating costs until the project was self sufficient.

In the early to mid 1990s, All Children's Hospital decided to expand in Pasco, and opened the first speciality care center on Main Street in New Port Richey in 1995. All of the services at the original location moved to the new facility.

The Sertoma Speech-Language Hearing Center became part of the larger operation and in 2003 moved to All Children's Specialty Care of Pasco new location on Rowan Road. Sertoma Speech and Hearing Foundation maintains offices within the outreach facility and continues to provides services to the hard of hearing.

Through the years, the Sertoma Foundation's focus has changed from providing services in Pasco to the current status of providing hearing aids, hearing-related services to senior citizens in the Tampa Bay area, and to children through Florida through the Children's Hearing Help Fund, which is supported through the voluntary check-off on driver's license and motor vehicle registration renewals.

We would like to thank the West Pasco Sertoma Club for forming the foundation 25 years ago and the ongoing financial support with funds raised at the Chasco Fiesta barbecue and fall fest. We would like to thank everyone who has supported the organization through the years by contributing time, in-kind and cash contributions, supported our fundraising events, donated used hearing aids and remembered us in their wills and trusts.

Craig McCart, executive director, New Port Richey

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