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Pay hikes hard in tough economy

Re: Resolve dispute before costs rise, letter, June 25

Pay hikes difficult in tough economy

So, the letter writer, Bertram Hogan, feels the city of Clearwater should resolve its issues with city firefighters simply because they have "justly earned" cost-of-living raises?

I do not wish to single out the firefighters as I am not familiar with every aspect of their dispute with the city.

I certainly feel their services are among the most important we Clearwater residents have, but the fact is that almost everyone is struggling with today's economic problems. I write this letter not out of concern for the firefighter issue, but concern for your misconception of how economics work.

I personally know close to 30 Clearwater employees (from many departments), and wish they could all make more money, but it is incredibly irresponsible of you to assume that it makes sense to give raises to everyone who has "earned" it.

Exactly what is it that you think makes everyone's cost of living rise, anyway? Do you think that maybe taxes fit somewhere into the equation?

Mr. Hogan, the reality of today's economy is this: We all (hard-working, legal citizens, that is) deserve raises. I certainly feel I deserve one!

Unfortunately, today's economics do not allow any businesses (including municipalities) to simply dole out raises wherever, whenever, just because.

How very liberal of you, Mr. Hogan! I sure am glad you do not have a seat on Clearwater's City Council!

Eric Spaulding, Clearwater

Re: Library cafe gets new boss, story, June 26

Give library cafe owner a break

I, along with many patrons of the Clearwater Main Library, am so glad to see that the cafe will be reopening.

I am just confused as to why the City Council would charge the new owner $500 a month and 5 percent of sales each month after the first $2,000. The previous owner was charged $400 a month rent and 3 percent on sales over $3,000. Why not give this new owner a chance to make the cafe a success? This absolutely makes no sense to me.

Come on, City Council, let's try to help Mr. Dillman make this cafe a success. I agree with council member Paul Gibson that Mr. Dillman should not be charged any rent at all.

I wish to state my very strong appreciation that we will not have vending machines in our beautiful library and wish Mr. Dillman the best of luck in his new endeavor.

As a member of the Friends of the Clearwater Library and a very happy volunteer, you can bet that I will be giving Mr. Dillman's cafe, BD's, as much business as I can. I will also pass the word on to all of my friends to patronize the cafe.

Jeanne Bukovich, Clearwater

Re: Attorney asks judge to toss case in french fries arrest, story, June 14

French fries spat is out of control

This is getting really stupid. The entire court system is involved. Men and women who will be missing work, losing a paycheck, to sit as jurors. The taxpayers are picking up the tab and it's harder to swallow than a Big Mac.

Talk about the "Hamburglar." This deal is stealing our taxpayers' time and money. In the beginning, all that was needed was, "I'm sorry, we got a little emotional," and it would have been over. No, they had to be hard-headed, get lawyers involved, start investigations, get national attention and now there's no end to it.

Bill Coleman, Dunedin

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