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Pigeon racing is a cruel blood sport

Pigeon racing is a cruel blood sport

Thank you for exposing the pigeon racing industry for what it is — a cruel and possibly illegal enterprise operating under the guise of an innocent hobby.

In response to Zig Vanderwall's denial of culling (killing) racing pigeons by wringing their necks, and his statement that "I don't know where (PETA) got that," I could offer many sources, but here's just one: A commonly used Gulfcoast Homing Pigeon Club sponsor's reference book states that "in most cases, birds not up to standards are culled." It describes the killing as a "necessary evil" to maintain the quality of the racing pigeons, and notes that the most common method of doing this is by "wringing the neck."

This aspect aside, many birds are killed when they have no choice but to race the hundreds of miles back to their lofts and mates through storms or are attacked by predators en route. If they must land due to injury or exhaustion, they can starve to death because they were born in captivity and do not know how to fend for themselves.

The county commissioners are in a unique position to ensure that the restrictions on keeping pigeons are kept and enforced, and to limit the number of birds exposed to this violent blood sport.

Jenny Lou Browning

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), Panama City

Re: New Port Richey mayor

Time for mayor to apologize for rant

The fine young women and men of the Pasco Sheriff's Office have to be cautious. They are trained that in a split second something can turn tragic. We have lost too many officers, and this deputy was only doing his job.

If the mayor was such a good friend of Sheriff Bob White, as he told dispatch, why didn't he call the sheriff himself. I have all of my good friends' phone numbers in my cell phone.

It is clear that this went further than the mayor wanted or maybe dreamed it ever could have gone. It is time he apologizes. Drinking, loosing control of your actions and making a fool out of yourself — not a very good public figure in my opinion.

Cheri Douthitt, Holiday

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