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Port Richey bars' noise means business is going on

Port Richey bars' noise is business

The bars have been making noise in Port Richey for at least 30 years. When you go to work, hopefully you do the best you can do so people come to use your business. Then you make money and can pay your bills.

Well, guess what? That is what these businesses are doing. First, let's bring their business here, now tell them to be quiet.

Maybe they can put some signs up that say. "Quiet. You are now entering the city of Port Richey.''

Get over the noise. Try ear plugs, ear muffs or put a pillow tightly over your face. These people complaining need to get a hobby.

Judy Parisi, Port Richey

Money on facility can be better used

I can't help but wonder how our county commissioners believe buildings are more important than people. That it's more important to spend $13 million on an elections service center and data processing facility at the expense of the safety of our community.

As far as I know, our elections process is working just fine. I also know from experience that there is a shortage of deputies. Several months ago, when the burglar alarm in our home went off at 2 a.m., it took at least 20 minutes for the police to arrive — not because they didn't want to respond, but because they didn't have the personnel.

Trust me, it was a long 20 minutes, indeed. We were fortunate that the burglars were scared off by the alarm, but it could have been a much worse scenario.

So, is the safety of myself, my husband and all of us less important than a new building?

Mary Miller, New Port Richey

Consider needs for safety first

It seems that Holiday has become the unwelcome orphan of Pasco County and the commissioners. Florida residents are all aware of the necessary cuts in budgets, but doesn't our safety come first?

As a resident of Holiday for 12 years, I have seen the steady decline in our community with drugs, robberies and murders. How many of our commissioners live in that dangerous atmosphere? I applaud Sheriff Bob White for his tenacity in requesting money for more deputies to patrol and control the crime in our area.

The commissioners should at least consider a compromise for our sakes. I fear for our safety.

Cheryl Gerardi, Holiday

Wilson tripped up by another fee

I am writing in defense of County Commission candidate Henry Wilson.

Why is it that newspapers need to create mountains out of molehills when it comes to candidates, whatever party, who have failed to pay some small fee and fill out the forms that serve no purpose but to add to an already bloated bureaucracy?

Mr. Wilson was just trying to make ends meet during a short time of unemployment by selling jewelry from his home and taking on small janitorial jobs and wasn't even aware that licensing was required. The public safety certainly wasn't at stake from poorly designed jewelry or improper use of a feather duster. Wilson wasn't practicing medicine or law, for goodness' sake.

Thankfully, Wilson is now gainfully employed and has registered and paid the $30 peddler's fee that allows him to continue his small jewelry business. Now he has added money from his pocket to the government till of the ever-growing list of taxes and fees, which include but are not limited to income taxes, gas taxes, fuel taxes, Social Security taxes, unemployment taxes, telephone and communication taxes, sales tax, property taxes, inheritance tax, impact fees, automobile tag fees, and the list goes on and on.

Perhaps, if elected, Mr. Wilson might abolish Pasco County's peddler fees and give us all some much needed tax relief.

Sandy Graves, Land O'Lakes

Nice to know man who can fix items

What a pleasure to read Bill Stevens' Oct. 10 column about John Munty. This remarkable man is a true treasure.

When we first walked into his shop, I felt like a little girl again walking into the repair shop with my mother, where she handed over a small appliance to be repaired.

We have become, for the most part, a throw-away society so, for those of us who like to keep our things as long as possible, it is indeed wonderful to know that Mr. Munty and his shop exist. Thank you again for this great article.

Carol Johnson, New Port Richey

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