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Port Richey budget deceives public about dredging

City deceives public in budget

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The city of Port Richey is once again getting ready to pass its budget and once again deceive the public. The Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) budget shows no money for dredging, yet over the years it has spent close to $1 million. They intentionally label it "contingencies." Never over the years has it been labeled for its intended purpose.

CRA funds are for the blight of the community as a whole, not for private property owners interests. To label it dredging would be problematic since the city would have a problem specially assessing property owners on canals in the future since the basis of a special assessment is that it inures to private gain.

This quandary has led to this sleight of hand and intentional deception. Regardless of how one feels about CRA dollars, dredging and/or special assessments, this deception is wrong, deceitful, non-transparent and just plain old stinks.

Well it's business as usual. So once again I say thanks county residents for your tax dollars for our fund. (It's county money, ya know, to dredge our private canals). This money which goes unaudited by the county for reasons unknown.

Council members can sit back and say some slick accountant or lawyer told them to do this, but it is wrong and will not pass legal muster. Any council member who participates and knowingly votes for a budget with this deception should be subject to recall. You must always do the up-front, transparent and right thing and let the legal chips fall where they may. Such chicanery is only for private business not public government. No wonder the public is disgusted with politicians.

James Mathieu, Port Richey

Use tax money for school sidewalks

I take issue with Pasco Commissioner Ted Schrader's flippant attitude about using the Penny for Pasco money for sidewalks. I am under the impression that the money is for road and road safety projects. Commissioner Michael Cox was asking for money for a sidewalk or shoulder for a road that is in a school zone. I should think that this would qualify.

Cypress Elementary School was built in a residential community with no sidewalk access to the school. The entire length of Sweet Bay Court is a school zone with a posted speed limit of 15 mph for two hours a day. This is ignored by 90 percent of the more than 200 citizens who drive their children to school every day. I have had the Sheriff's Office out here twice and they admit we have a big problem. I was told that I should drive my daughter to school when I live three doors away. Does that make any sense?

There is no shoulder or sidewalk to walk on. We must walk through grass wet with rain and horse and dog droppings. If we walk in the road we take the chance of getting hit because the road is so narrow.

At the minimum, I expect that the Sheriff's Office enforce the posted speed limits, but this seems like an impossibility. So my next step is to find a safer way for the children on this street to get to school. At the very least there should be a shoulder to walk on. A sidewalk should have been installed when the school was built.

I am told by Commissioner Cox that there is grant money available for this but it takes two years to get. Penny for Pasco money is available now. Present and future school children's safety is at stake.

Susan Horan, New Port Richey

Build roofs with leftover funds

So officials don't know what to do with some of the leftover Penny for Pasco money?

How about putting roofs over those suicide bus benches so the people don't have to sit in the blazing hot sun or monsoon rain while they wait for a bus?

Roger F. Lind, Port Richey

Thieves, dog's death hurt many

My son wanted me to get a gun to protect myself. When I came home with two dogs, my son called me on the phone and I told him I not only had one gun, but two. My new pistol daschunds were named Smith and Wesson.

They quickly became the loves of my life. Smitty was insecure, and Wesson, was a loyal brother who never let Smitty feel alone. The love these type of dogs give you is a blessing. But, with a six-day work week, and long hours in the cage, I decided to give both my loved ones to the Humane Society of the Nature Coast. Knowing the love and attention, and adoption process of the facility, I felt a loving home was in the making.

What can prepare your heart for the loss of a precious pet? Thieves in the night, stole, terrified, and led to the death of my Wesson. My heart is broken. What will the penalty be for stealing and killing a pet who would have been the love of someone's life? I hope the two who have turned themselves in, will realize how a tragic error in judgement, will impact many hearts of my family, and those of the Nature Coast.

Patricia McDowell, New Port Richey

Mosque is a front for terrorism | Aug. 26 letter

One Koran, but two world views

Congratulations to letter writer Jack B. McPherson for his insight to this very delicate subject. I would like to know, is Islam a religion or a political ideology?

I hear so much about peaceful loving Muslims so much that a question comes to my mind to ask: Are peaceful, loving Muslims reading the same Koran as the terrorists? Are there two separate versions of the Koran? One is reading peace and the other reading hatred. Does that make any sense?

Russell Montminy, Spring Hill

The sky is falling, Islam haters yell

The McChicken Littles now rule the roost — seeing terrorists in every mosque, calling for throwing the U.S. Constitution out of the coop, and launching a 21st century crusade by American Christians against world of Islam, all 1.5 billion of them.

Perhaps instead these McChickens should be arrested for helping to recruit gullible people to become terrorists by foul hatred of all things Islam, despite U.S. laws and traditions. Or maybe just Baker Acted for utter stupidity that makes them a danger to themselves and all Americans, including millions of Muslim Americans.

Like the fear-mongering fowls who scared us into throwing Japanese Americans into concentration camps, they can offer not a shred of evidence for condemning Muslim places of worship. The handful of Muslim criminals here and overseas are little different than bomber Timothy McVeigh, who certainly didn't represent Christianity or most Americans I know.

As far as McChicken's slander toward Iman Rouf who heads the Park 51 community center that includes a mosque and a swimming pool, both President Bush and President Obama sought his assistance in convincing Islam of our nation's acceptance of Muslims and seeking to encourage moderate Muslims everywhere. Imam Rouf never defended the 19 criminals who attacked us on 9/11.

And lest we forget, Hamas was democratically elected, something we once supported, even if we don't like Palestineans choosing a militant party over a corrupt one. Sharia law displacing the U.S. Constitution? I guess when the sky is falling all around you, the last refuge for foul patriots is lie more, fantasize more, and support more killing. An Islamic terrorist with an AK-47 on my doorstep? I'm more concerned with Chickens messing up the bottom of my shoes.

Dan Callaghan, New Port Richey

Mosque bashing generates hate

I do question the wisdom of building an over-the-top mosque in so sensitive an area but also question those taking such a strong stand railing against it. If we consider the issue from an unemotional point of view, all of the hatred levied at this project is creating what we are criticizing.

Someone suggested that its creation would foster more extremism and create an even more unsafe America. Please! The breeding of extremism can occur there, and just as easily, 100 miles further away. I offer that the extreme hate exhibited by those will do more to increase radical extremism than its location.

You have three Muslim groups; those who have true peace in their hearts, those who have true hatred in their hearts and those on the fence. Which way do you think all this hate makes the fence-sitters sway? Wouldn't it be more Christian to be kind to our fellow man? Isn't that one of the tenants of our better religious beliefs. After all, if we condemn all for the actions of a few, would we allow children into Catholic churches?

Again, I am not suggesting the mosque's location was a sensitive one but come on, get over it. Why generate all this hate among ourselves? It's counterproductive to only us. Also, for those that think there is subversive plotting going on, a truly wise military general once wrote, "Keep your friends close, and keep your enemies closer." I hope the wisdom of that statement doesn't need to be explained.

Kirk Williams, Hudson

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