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Port Richey city manager must be Wonder Woman to do six jobs

How can a person do six jobs well?

The city of Port Richey is small; its resident count is about 3,200. Given this, it is not unusual to cross-train employees so that maximum performance is produced and service to the public is not compromised. But, one has to wonder why and how a previous council entered into a contractual agreement with City Manager Ellen Posavach on June 9, 2009, paying her to not only be the city manager but also the public works director, public utilities director, finance director, purchasing director and assistant city manager/growth management.

The contract also allows her to work from any location. So it came as no surprise when Ms. Posavach was questioned about her lack of presence inside City Hall that she smugly replied she could do the job "from Russia or the North Pole," reminding us all that "we have telephones."

Is it that the city of Port Richey has "Wonder Woman" in its employ? Can it be that one person can hold six positions, performing each to meet the requirements of the job? Should one simply accept that we are Port Richey and things are a bit different here? I don't think so.

Why should we not expect a city manager to be on the job? Why should one person frustrate us so that, although we fought to keep our city in spite of its being ridiculed in the media or worse yet, by disgruntled residents, we sometimes question whether the fight was worth it? Why should we sit by as we witness the arrogance of the city manager lauding her contract in everyone's face; as we listen to her self-proclaimed accomplishments even as she reminds us that we are in an economic downturn; as we get angry with ourselves for losing control of our emotions?

The answers are simple; we should not sit by. We must realize, once again without reservation, that Port Richey is a city, our city. Let's just go back to basics, accept the fact that indeed we do have telephones but we are paying over $132,000 for a manager who simply must be on the job and if that's not to Ms. Posavach's liking then she simply should go to Russia, with love.

Phyllis Grae, Port Richey

Pasco's great loss: Dorothy Mitchell

I, like so many longtime Pasco residents, was saddened to learn that Dorothy Mitchell passed away this week. Mrs. Mitchell was the epitome of southern grace and charm. She made public service and philanthropy an integral part of how she gave back to a community that meant so much to her.

Countless lives have been changed during the 20 years she served as a member of the Pasco County School Board. She and her family are remembered daily at J.W. Mitchell High School, which was built on land her husband, Jim, once owned and rode on horseback as a young man.

In addition to her great desire to further public education, Mrs. Mitchell ensured that the arts community has been a beneficiary of her and her husband's giving. Following the death of their son Jim, an artist in his own right, the Mitchells donated the equipment from his art studio and collaborative print workshop to St. Petersburg College/Tarpon Springs, where the Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art is located.

More important than her financial gifts to local communities, Mrs. Mitchell's family is a testament to who she was as a mother and leader. She has left behind a family that is one of the most respected in the Tampa Bay area. Her commitment to the betterment of Pasco County has been continued through the hard work of her son, Dewey Mitchell. Her generosity is carried on through the support Dewey has shown to so many service organizations in Pasco and beyond.

Mrs. Mitchell will always be remembered for her ready smile and kind word. Her heart for children and the betterment of education will be remembered far into the future. I, for one, shall miss her wise counsel. Early in my legislative career she helped me understand the intricacies of Pasco's public education system. Even more, our community mourns the loss of a great leader and a good friend.

State Sen. Mike Fasano, New Port Richey

Sheriff has shown funding is needed

I've been following Sheriff Bob White's fight with the County Commission over funding for several years. He won me over last week. His deputies made more arrests than any one of 10 counties surveyed in the area. Pasco deputies have fewer personal on the street per capita and are more efficient with a smaller percent of the budget. Some commission ers are miffed because the sheriff called them disconnected and career politicians. That's no reason to deny protection to the citizens.

The commission told the sheriff all departments are cutting their budgets. He replied that his was the only department left with bodies. I'm tired of reading about 94-year-old angels being murdered in their homes. He's not asking for a jet plane or of a state of the art forensic lab. He just wants boots on the ground. Get over hurt feelings and give him the money to make us feel safe. We need security more than we need a $13 million elections/IT office.

Thomas Karcher, New Port Richey

Special thanks for Spookville event

On behalf of my friends and the citizens of Port Richey, I wish to thank the Port Richey Police Department and all its volunteers in making Halloween such monstrous fun at their Spookville Haunted Mansion this year.

Also a special thanks to Officer Eric Barcelo and Chief of Police Dave Brown, who organized this event. Everyone did a spooktacular job!

Donna True, Port Richey

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