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Port Richey City Manager's travels don't help residents

Official racks up expenses | April 4, article

City manager not helping the city

Maybe Port Richey City Manager Ellen Posivach should spend more time at home helping her constituents like myself get some thing done when they need the city's help. For example, I have called her several times and even went to her office to contact her with no response from her. I was told she was sick or out of town and she would return my calls. She had done nothing.

She personally told me she never received any calls from me. I suggested she should check her messages and get back to me. Again, no response from her.

We need a manager for our city, not someone traveling around the world. Let her give me one example of something she had done to help me and the city be in a better position from her travels. I doubt she can.

By the way, she needs to get rid of the I-am-better-than-you attitude I get from her when she talks to me.

Bob Clark, Port Richey

Stop wasting taxpayers' money

I suggest that Ms. Posivach travel to Washington and work with President Obama, who knows full well how to spend the taxpayers' money to flit here and there around the world. Then she could ride on Air Force One.

This waste of taxpayers' money has to stop.

Ken Taylor, New Port Richey

Schools could cut busing costs

The Pasco School Board has given us 10 items that they can consider cutting but they have left out one of the most expensive items in their budget. Last I heard, transportation costs are around $16 million. Most people would agree that having four or six students on a 30- or 40-seat bus is a very expensive way to run the service. It is, to say the least, very inefficient.

The school board needs to revise its routes to make them more efficient by carrying more students. Another way to increase efficiency would be to increase the walking distance beyond 2 miles. The first lady wants children to get more exercise. Walking is one of the best ways of exercising going.

Art Wilkins, Port Richey

Coalitions offer best healthy start

There's no argument that mothers and babies need critical health care services for healthy pregnancy and birth outcomes. But let's talk dollars and cents.

The 2010 Florida House budget would eliminate $4 million — used to fund the Healthy Start Coalitions' system of care for prenatal women and babies determined to be at risk for poor outcomes — and shift this funding to county health departments.

But with this shift, communities would lose millions of dollars raised privately by coalitions each year — funds that are in many cases not available to government agencies. In one year alone, Healthy Start Coalitions brought in an additional $32 million to help ensure babies have a healthy start in life. Tax payers should note that county health departments operate with overhead rates that are twice that of local Healthy Start Coalitions.

The Florida Senate, on the other hand, has done the math and supports maintaining cost-effective coalitions in its 2010 budget. Looking at the numbers, the Florida Senate's support of maintaining the cost-effective Healthy Start Coalition model just makes sense.

Linda Hawkins, volunteer board chair, Pasco County Healthy Start Coalition

Softball wouldn't hurt you, Heritage Springs | April 4, column

Softball column unfair to seniors

Having been at that particular meeting and witness to the statements that were made, C.T. Bowen's column came as a surprise. He selected only the few comments that suited his intention to ridicule concerned seniors and thus distorted the true intention of the meeting. This is unprofessional, to say the least. His comparison with Plantation Palm residents was a poor example. These people knew about the surrounding properties prior to purchasing their homes. They were not given any false promises.

Mr. Bowen says the intended sports complex on Trinity Boulevard has been sufficiently publicized but he fails to specify when and where. Is it so unrealistic to think that Heritage Springs residents had faith in promises given? Mr. Bowen decries the disingenuous statements made by residents.

I'm sorry to say I have a stronger word to describe Mr. Bowen's lack of professionalism. Although unprintable, it would be fitting. His talents might find better use in creating — what he so aptly suggests — his own over-55 softball team.

Edith Huber, Trinity

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