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Port Richey water woes not solved by $4M well field

$4 million hasn't solved water woes

In the early 1900s, as per the first recorded plat, there was the town of Port Richey, Florida, now known as New Port Richey. This was owned by Port Richey Land Company with George R. Sims in control. What is now Port Richey was mostly owned by Henry Robert Nicks. Sims wanted to bond the area to raise development money. Nicks didn't want his property bonded.

In 1924, Sims had the city of New Port Richey incorporated and bonded. In the following year, Nicks had the city of Port Richey incorporated without any debts. New Port Richey bonds went into default with the land bust of 1926 and the Depression beginning in 1929. Thirty years after incorporating, most of this property could be purchased for 10 percent of what it was valued in 1925.

In the early 1900s, most Port Richey residents relied on shallow wells and cisterns for water. About 1954, there was talk of Port Richey merging with New Port Richey to avail the Port Richey residents with the services available in New Port Richey. Instead of merging, Port Richey borrowed, if my memory is correct, $110,000 to put in a well and water system. They acquired 10 acres where City Hall is now located, and drilled a well. At this time, all of the communities in Pinellas County were having to change their source of water due to salt water intrusion.

About 30 years after Port Richey put in its well, I attended a council meeting where a city employee wanted to refurbish the old well so the city wouldn't need to buy so much water from New Port Richey. At that time, one of the council members was against spending any more money on a losing cause. Now, Port Richey has a new well field and, I've been told, a $4 million debt, and we are still buying water from New Port Richey.

If you believe what you read or hear, global warming will increase the salt water intrusion. Along with overpumping, this will leave us buying our water elsewhere while my grandchildren and yours will be left to repay the $4 million debt.

Walter J. Mallett, Port Richey

Sprinkler police fail to check files | May 5, letter

County wasting taxpayer's money

Thanks to the writer, his courage brought out the stupidity of our local government. In his community properties are watered only once a week, not necessarily on a particular day as permitted by the recorded filed variance.

To my surprise, the other night when I turned on the television news, there was Mr. Poppelreiter interviewed regarding his letter. He was told the $43 mandatory fine and court date for arraignment will be scratched. But was that really true?

Commissioner Jack Mariano was there. Didn't he realize this is a gross waste of money and extreme mismanagement on the part of the county? Just do your job, Mariano.

Estelle Rodman, Bayonet Point

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Port Richey water woes not solved by $4M well field 05/07/09 [Last modified: Thursday, May 7, 2009 8:03pm]
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