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Preserve school in historic district

South Ward Elementary School in Clearwater and the adjoining Harbor Oaks residential area are on the National Register of Historical Places. The school was built in 1906.

JOSEPH GARNETT JR. | Times (1997)

South Ward Elementary School in Clearwater and the adjoining Harbor Oaks residential area are on the National Register of Historical Places. The school was built in 1906.

Re: South Ward school has value | letter by Mike Sanders, Dec. 19

Preserve school in historic district

South Ward Elementary School was built in 1906. In 1913 the Harbor Oaks residential area adjoining South Ward was platted. Both areas are now in the National Register of Historical Places. Throughout these many years, generations of children of the residents of Harbor Oaks, Clearwater and Belleair have been educated at South Ward school. Now the School Board has considered its usefulness as a school at an end.

The sale or conversion of this site for commercial purposes and the destruction of this historic landmark is shortsighted. The Historic Harbor Oaks residential area, together with the historic South Ward school, is a classic example of the neighborhood school that, at one time, was prevalent throughout the nation. Maintaining these areas as a historic district would benefit Clearwater and its residents for generations to come.

The Pinellas County Historical Museum was at one time in the basement of the old Pinellas County Courthouse. It was subsequently moved to Pinellas County's Heritage Park in Largo. It may be possible for the city of Clearwater to obtain a federal grant to preserve the school for a historical museum.

It is respectfully suggested that the Clearwater City Council give consideration to obtaining the property from the School Board and retaining the building as a museum and/or using it for civic purposes. In any case, a study as to the merits of preserving this property should be made because of its historic nature.

May I respectfully suggest that the proposal for the preservation of the South Ward school buildings and site made by Mike Sanders, chairman of the South Ward Preservation Committee of the Clearwater Historical Society, be given due consideration and an outpouring of support by the citizens of Clearwater.

Cedio S. Saltarelli, president, Harbor Oaks Association

A better name for Progress Energy

The utility company called, misleadingly, Progress Energy, needs a new name. My suggestion absolutely fits their policies: Snidely Whiplash Inc.

Snidely Whiplash Inc. couldn't care less when you open your refrigerator and your food you could hardly afford to spoil has spoiled, to say nothing about the horrible mold that grows inside without power.

Snidely Whiplash Inc. loves to curl their mustaches by wide smiles as they add a $50 reconnection fee, because they really couldn't care about your problems as long as the CEO's bonus money comes in. Can you imagine all the extra money they can tack on a bill through reconnection fees? No wonder they try not to accommodate a consumer who needs an extra week or two.

This contrasts sharply with their own needs regarding their plan to build a billion-dollar nuclear power plant with our advance money. A true Snidely Whiplash move.

If there is a startup offering alternative energy sources, communities should hire their own lobbyists to enact laws in favor of these alternative sources.

By the way, something should also be done about Snidely Whiplash Inc.'s shill, the Public Service Commission. They, too, need a new name.

Dee Nicholas, Tarpon Springs

Handicapped need their spaces

It is a shame that handicapped parking rules are being violated many times daily. Sure, the auto has a handicapped hang-tag, but the drivers of more than 50 percent of these vehicles are not disabled. They drive into these parking spaces and take up the space that is reserved for a disabled person. I see this every day. These violators should be fined twice as much as someone without a handicapped hang-tag!

I have a son — a double amputee, service connected — who has trouble parking thanks to these dumbbells. I know he is not the only disabled person who has this problem.

Why don't these people use some common sense? These spaces are reserved for the disabled person, not for the family unless you are transporting a disabled person!

Joe Slatton, St. Petersburg

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