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Progress Energy rate hike is inappropriate

Re: Progress Energy rate increase

What is wrong with this picture?

So sad. Just read that the owners of 60 percent of all homes bought in Pasco County since 2003 are filing foreclosure. Businesses are closing down, people are losing their jobs, salaries are frozen, and yet Progress Energy gets a 25 percent rate increase.

How can they approve such a high rate increase at this time? Something is wrong with this picture!

Louis Hollander, New Port Richey

State action fails to protect citizens

We moved from New York three years ago. We left New York not only because of the horrible cold weather and high taxes, but also because in the Empire State large corporations and businesses are considered more important than people.

Florida has always been known to put its citizens first and has tried to keep taxes and expenses reasonable. We were totally unprepared and shocked about the issues with Progress Energy. After building a custom home in Homosassa, we received a letter from Progress Energy stating that they plan on taking our property and many others to construct huge power line towers. Then we learn that we will have the privilege of paying Progress Energy to destroy our property.

The state of Florida has decided that the citizens must give Progress Energy the money up front for a new power plant so that they can make more profit without any risk to them. If Progress Energy decides that the project is not worth it or that it will not be profitable, they don't have to build a new power plant or return the money they charged us to build it. Then to add insult to injury, Progress Energy was approved for a 25 percent increase in rates.

Those lucky enough to still have jobs or retirees will not get a 25 percent increase in their pay or pension. If the local baker wanted to expand his business and make more profit, he would be considered crazy if he asked his customers to lay out the money in advance so that he could build a larger store.

The reason our economy is in such poor shape today is because of the greed and uncontrolled profiteering of executives, investors and stockbrokers. We read every day how the working people of large corporations are losing their jobs and benefits, while the executives walk away with huge bonuses. Making the citizens pay up front so that Progress Energy can expand and make more profit is an unfair burden in times of a good economy and even more so now with a bad economy.

The newspapers have reported that population growth in Florida has slowed and even gone into the negative. Do we really need another power plant? If the executives of Progress Energy and the state of Florida feel that more power plants are necessary, let Progress Energy invest the money as any other business would, as they are going to make the profit.

If the state of Florida wants to subsidize Progress Energy in their expansion, the state should use bonds instead of taking hard-earned money from its citizens at a time like this.

Claus and Maureen Claussen, Homosassa

Judicial system at fault in death

Regarding the arrests of the man and woman charged in the assault and subsequent death of Mrs. Linda Roma, I noticed while checking the Pasco County Sheriff's Office Web site that these two have almost 20 arrests between them since 2006.

Why were they given so many chances, especially when many of the offenses were felonies? Probation? What a joke! It makes me wonder about the judicial system in our county. This time I am praying that they get exactly what they have coming to them and then some!

My prayers go out to the Roma family.

Dee Morva, Hudson

A hero to teenagers, past and present | Bill Stevens column Nov. 16

35 years later, still thankful for help

Back in 1973, Brian Singletary gave me a job in the produce department of the old Publix store No. 115 to supplement my meager earnings while going to the University of South Florida. In the 35 years since, every time I came back from Dallas to visit my grandmother, parents, in-laws and the like, I made sure I visited with Brian just like this past weekend. I just can't help it.

He's a good, humble man who helped me get my start. In fact, I just may go back before my flight leaves to see if my old friend will sign my Pasco Times!

Rich Coccaro, Dallas

A public thanks to Marge Whaley

Kudos to Gail Diederich on her well-written tribute to Marge Whaley, retiring School Board member.

I have been a Pasco County media specialist since 1983 and I have probably known Marge since 1990. Marge has always inspired those around her to act with courage and conviction. One cannot discount her sense of humor since it is a healing and cohesive force in our world. Several years ago I presented a laughter program for 600 school food and nutrition employees, and Marge presented me with a gift at the end of my program. The gift was nice but her memory of specific programs I had created throughout the years for my students was incredible.

Marge knows thousands of people, and yet her ability to recall one person's accomplishments signifies her attention to individuals and her inspiration to educators to keep teaching and motivating regardless of the current circumstances.

Marge will always be on my list of favorite people, and I would like to thank her publicly for all she has contributed to Pasco County students and teachers.

Bunnie McCormack, Port Richey

First for Obama, now for Pasco | Nov. 17 article

An experience to savor forever

It is sad driving past that corner knowing our Dade City Obama office is gone. What an exciting, exhilarating, anxious time this past summer and fall was. How wonderful an experience for me to be part of a group working toward something so important. I am proud of the contribution I made to our joint success.

Despite the local Republicans winning re-election, we accomplished our goal: We live in a blue state, in a blue country, with a president-elect who is a decent, honest man with a desire to do right by the people of this country. How refreshing! As one of Bill Maher's guests said last week, 2 percent is a landslide in Florida.

Thank you to all my fellow volunteers for everything you did to get the ball rolling and keep it moving. You worked hard and endured long hours, setbacks, and some pretty vicious behavior from some of the angry locals. I would be pleased to participate in any future civic venture we launch.

It was a singular experience never to be forgotten.

Anne Writer, Dade City

Help needed to continue dinner | Nov. 17 letter

Trying to help is not so simple

Reading this letter prompted me to bring up something that is desperately needed around the holidays. My children and I want to help serve Thanksgiving lunch/dinner to displaced families. Thanksgiving has gotten a little quiet around my house and the kids are a little older now. We thought it would be a wonderful opportunity to help families less fortunate than ours. Even though we are all suffering through hard times right now, there are always those suffering far more than we can imagine.

But I have run into a problem. I started calling numbers that I thought would lead me to what we were trying to do. I now have called about seven different numbers that have led me no closer to helping. It would be helpful, to people like us and to those in need, if phone numbers were published in the local section so that we know exactly who needs the help and what type of help they are looking for. My kids want to help kids, so that is what we were trying to find.

Thank you for any information you can print. May all enjoy some holiday cheer!

N. Gallaso, Holiday

Editor's note: The Deaf Service Bureau can be reached, toll-free, at 1-800-616-4293.

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