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Prominent Manuel family offers nothing

Prominent family offers nothing

Previous stories have referred to the Manuels as a "prominent family." Ha!

Who in their right mind gave them (through Manuel, LLC) an unconditional contract calling for Hernando County to fill their otherwise unusable property?

The current County Commission had no choice on their vote since the Manuels had a gun to their heads!

Due to a probably well-intended (but stupidly written) contract, the taxpayers of Hernando County will now give the Manuels 40,000 cubic yards of clean fill dirt plus $196,000 cash. That money could have gone to our infrastructure and/or a new judicial center. This will help them develop and sell their otherwise unusable land!

"Prominent" usually stirs a vision of well-known, giving, civic-minded people. Not so, the Manuels. They appear as takers, using the law to take advantage of the well-intended efforts of others, at the direct expense of their neighbors! Does anyone wonder what has happened to the well-being of our country?

What is our final cost for cleaning and delivering the demanded 40,000 cubic yards of fill? Perhaps we should feel lucky they didn't demand sod.

Leon G. Atkinson, Brooksville

Judicial center put on hold April 15 article

Make better use of existing space

Hernando judiciary complains about having a shortage of courtroom space. The shortage, however, is of knowing how to make full use of space available.

Law enforcement, fire and rescue services as well as hospitals and related facilities never close. Courts held also on Saturdays and weekday evenings would help to make construction of more space unnecessary.

The County Government Center needs to improve space useage. Such would include shift work to cover 12 hours when open on weekdays and Saturdays. Again, elimination of unnecessary citizens' advisory committees would release meeting space for judiciary. Wasted space, with furniture and equipment, no longer is affordable.

James A. Willan, Brooksville

Firearms safer in hands of pros | Dan DeWitt column, April 17

Guns, trucks are American rights

Dan DeWitt's true-blue American colors shine through — muddled with blatant bias and contempt for respectable law-abiding gun and Hummer owning citizens. In his words, he states that Sportsman's Attic owner Bill Tsompanidis uses words like "negative" and "correct" for "no" and "yes," respectively, while never having served in the armed forces. We in the medical field (nurses, doctors, etc...) use those exact words regularly when describing medical results to patients and each other, many of whom have never served in the armed forces.

Dan makes a point of singling out Hummer owners by saying that by owning a Hummer "you get to feel like an intimidating big shot," and they are just "wasteful and silly." Does he know this to be true firsthand? As a Hummer owner I don't feel intimidating, like a big shot or that owning it is wasteful and silly. Guess what else? They're American made.

Dan's blatant dislike for Americans who want to protect themselves with guns is an anti-American viewpoint. The United States Constitutions' Bill of Rights Second Amendment guarantees the right to "keep and bear arms." It is possible that Mr. Tsompanidis' home alarm system helped to prevent a tragedy. Home invasions occur throughout Florida and the U.S. daily with tragic results, and having someone behind the gun who is law-abiding and respectable displays a non-misuse of his right to bear those arms and to be "armed to the teeth" if he so chooses.

Yes, assault rifles have been used in crimes to kill, but it's the non-law abiding thugs and criminals behind those dangerous weapons who are pulling the triggers while committing crimes such as home-invasions, and it's the law-abiding, respectable, gun-owning U.S. citizens who are being targeted by the liberal minded, misinformed who are afraid.

Dan DeWitt obviously has never been the victim of a crime, or he might think differently about protecting himself. He needs to remove those muddled, rose-tinted glasses and wake up to the realities in America that lie before him. Otherwise, he can keep on writing those feel-good, warm and fuzzy, tree-hugging, granola-eating environmental articles he seems to do so well and that make him feel so good.

Lori Eley, Spring Hill

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