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Proposed charter school near Land O'Lakes is severe conflict of interest

Charter school is a severe conflict

Here we go again and it's no surprise either.

State Reps. Richard Corcoran and Will Weatherford are ready and willing to support a new charter school and guess who is intending to start this school? Anne Corcoran, wife of Richard Corcoran. And they've asked Will Weatherford to be on the board.

Is it not bad enough that Weatherford is the chairman of the House Education Policy Committee and it seems as if his ultimate goal is to break down the public schools in favor of charter and private schools and increase the amount of vouchers given?

Here is a severe conflict of interest. If someone starts a school, no one, not one relative, should be on the board or have any part or interest in a school.

Wake up school boards! Do you not see what is happening here? These people are seeking to destroy public schools and line their pockets with money, our money from the taxpayers.

I say no to any new charter schools and no to any increase in vouchers being given out until they adhere to the same tests and their teachers have to adhere to the same standards being set down for public school teachers. They should have to abide by any other rules and regulations imposed upon public schools and their teachers.

Of course, these private and charter schools look good (on paper). Their students and their schools aren't graded the same way public schools are.

Kathy Bruckmeyer, New Port Richey

Editor's note: Charter schools are publicly funded, but privately operated. They must adhere to the same standardized test requirements and school grades as other traditional public schools.

Purse theft steals peace of mind

I recently purchased a yearly pass for Starkey Park. On June 15, I went to the park at 11 a.m. to ride my bike. I put my purse, with my wallet and cell phone in it, under my car seat where it was not visible at all and I locked my car. I returned from my ride to discover that my car window had been smashed and my purse stolen.

One of the park rangers was the first to arrive. After assessing the situation, he said that these break-ins are common at the park. My question is: Why am I paying a park fee?

Maybe they should think about security cameras or someone to patrol the parking lots. Maybe they would save a little money by cutting back on the prescribed burns that seem to occur with frequency. A person should be able to go to a park and enjoy the experience with peace of mind.

Elisabeth Szasz, New Port Richey

Wedding ring's return brings joy

Last week, my husband and I stopped at Walmart at State Road 54 and Little Road. From there, we drove to a nearby gas station. While my husband was pumping the gas, I noticed my 50-year-old wedding ring was not on my finger. I'd left it on the sink in the handicapped stall at Walmart.

We'd been gone at least 10 or 15 minutes. My stomach began to shake. I said a silent prayer while we drove back and my husband dropped me off at the door. I rushed to the restroom. The handicapped stall door was open. I hurried inside and stared at a blank sink. I went to the courtesy desk and stood in line. Finally, it was my turn. "I left my wedding ring on the sink in the handicapped stall. I went back to look for it, but it's not there."

The clerk asked, "Can you describe it?"

"Yes. It's a very wide ring, antique gold with carvings and garnets all the way around."

She said, "I think I know where it is."

She walked over to a door and knocked. The person inside handed her a plastic bag. I was so overwhelmed with relief and happiness I cried.

The woman who turned it in didn't leave her name. I want to thank her for her honesty and caring. You've made an old woman very happy. God bless you.

Dahris H. Clair, New Port Richey

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