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Proposed park fees irk seniors, too

Proposed park fees are biased | Oct. 17 letter

Park fees irk seniors, too

The senior softball players do not like the fees any more than the youth baseball teams do. It is an additional expense for the seniors also. Yes, we are only being charged $5, but we use the fields five days a week. The seniors do not play at night. Therefore the light fee does not apply.

The West Hernando Athletic Club for Seniors use Veterans Field three days a week. The Senior Softball Invitational League use Veterans Field and Anderson Snow twice a week. The Anderson Snow league plays two times a week using two different fields in the summer and three different fields in the winter. Many of the players play in two different leagues requiring them to pay double. Needless to say this $5 per hour is a burden on everyone.

I do agree and sympathize with you. Neither children nor seniors should have to pay to play on public fields Our taxes should provide for that.

Bill Foster, Spring Hill

Parents should reject fees plan

What I have been saying for the last four years is true! Florida is still learning. I cannot believe the fees they are charging for kids to play in a park. What went wrong?

Growing up in Brooklyn, N.Y., in the '60s and '70s, I always remember playing in parks, baseball fields and football fields and never paying a dime. As of today you still don't pay to play in New York and many states. It just seems down here they look for every way they can to get a nickel out of you.

Now people will understand why kids stand outside supermarkets and gas stations, collecting money to play. The county keeps taking and taking and never gives anything back, not just Hernando County but most counties in Florida. When will it end? The economy is bad and it isn't going to get any better. You have the few who are working, just getting by, not receiving a pay raise in years, but yet everything else goes up.

Parents are doing their best to have their kids play in a safe environment, so what does the county do? Increase the fees, figuring the parents are going to pay no matter what. I don't have small children, but my advice is use the facilities and don't pay a dime or boycott the fields.

Parents must unite. Maybe than we will see some sympathy.

Steve Pappas, Spring Hill

Cutting school sports is fair game

I would like to say to the commissioners and School Board that I have seen you cutting jobs in the county and in the school system. Some people feel that charging a small fee to use facilities that were free at one time is not fair, but the way things are today that is the way it has to be.

I have not heard anything about cutting or charging for sports programs at all levels of the school system. We go to school for education and not to be the next super athlete. Just think of how much the school district could save the taxpayers if we just went to school to be educated.

Gary Mercer, Spring Hill

Judges, attorneys deserve respect

Gov. Charlie Crist recently nominated Lake County Attorney Heidi Davis to the bench held by Judge Jack Springstead, who is legend in this county for his proactive commitment to his courts, firm but fair, and remarkably brilliant in his sensitivities and responsibilities to the law.

Who would not be proud of his military service in Vietnam along with his deep roots and his family's dedication to the Brooksville community?

Our new judge, respected among her peers in our northern counties may provide a change of pace and a break from the all-male make-up of our courts in Hernando County.

My interests in the courts come from my commitment in Ohio as a court administrator serving two divisions as a consultant of a small rural county with a judge. The judge would come to my farm and we worked strategies for the courts to be as responsible to the community.

Attorneys are remarkable in their ability for debate and for their daily practice interpreting nuances of the law as advocates representing the rest of us. They are friendly and very committed to all social stratus almost as though it were a common bond. Judges, attorneys and all their staff need our deepest admiration and respect for the strength of their roles among us in protecting our constitutional rights.

Deron Mikal, Brooksville

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