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Put big one-way signs on light poles, St. Petersburg

One-way streets

No big one-way signs looks small-minded

After working in downtown St. Petersburg for a year and now coming back down to visit, I am at a loss to understand why one-way streets are labeled the way they are.

The process could cause a serious accident and should be corrected. I sat at the corner of Central Avenue and Third Street today and saw three cars try to turn from Central onto the one-way section of Third. This was within 15 minutes. I have seen this elsewhere downtown.

There are two reasons: (1) Small one-way signs are placed on the corner, where they can't be seen in rush-hour or slow traffic. (2) small no left/right turn signs are placed above on the light pole. These are small and people miss them.

Why doesn't St. Petersburg do what every major city does: Put large one-way signs on the light poles? People can see this!

This is not the only corner where this happens. I spend a lot of time downtown and this is an issue at many corners. People are slow to guess if they can turn and traffic backs up. Plus many older people can't see the signs on the corner, which is not where one would expect them to be.

This makes us looks like small-town folks who don't know how to manage traffic!

Robert Neff, St. Petersburg

Meet the principals | Aug. 26, story

Raises incite anger

After reading this article, I have to wonder if the underlying purpose was to incite anger and inflame the teachers of Pinellas County schools. The article clearly shows a pattern of tremendous raises for administrators in a recession, while teachers have not had pay raises in two years and are being asked to sacrifice even more financially this budget year.

Having been a Pinellas County teacher, I find no fiscal accountability on the part of the board, which has closed schools, lessened transportation and asked teachers to work with less, yet has the funding to reward administrators.

Is this what's wrong with this district's graduation statistics — that the money is being applied in the wrong areas and very little attention is paid to the goal of educating and graduating students? I am angry at this article as a parent, former educator and taxpaying homeowner and ask the Times to keep the truth meter running on the board and expose the other administrative pay raises so the teachers, students and the whole world can see, recession or no recession, that the bigwigs demand and get better compensation!

L.L. Davis, St. Petersburg

Pinellas spins wheels | Aug. 16, editorial

Refine bus, add rail

Our need for an effective, efficient and usable mass-transit system in Pinellas has been left on the back burner for too long. It is not only time to bring it to the forefront, it is essential that we take the appropriate actions to make it a system that will benefit our entire community.

For years, as a longtime resident — and as a candidate — I've advocated for an improved and more usable busing system. Now there's a great deal of talk about a light-rail system. From my perspective the answer is neither as an independent solution. Rather we need a combination of both as an efficient, effective and functional solution.

That said, I believe in putting the horse back in front of the cart. Before engaging in the expensive process of securing the right of way, construction and development, and funding a light-rail system, we must first demonstrate our ability to plan, implement, operate and fund a functional and usable mass-transit bus system. Ultimately, a bus system will be needed to support a light-rail system. Once we've accomplished this, we can then move forward with considering the need for a light-rail system. But first things first.

Norm Roche, Clearwater

Island triumphs

We on the little island community of Tierra Verde are grateful to our state representatives and senators who listened to the vast majority of taxpayers who voiced their outrage of any further annexations on our entirely water-bordered community by St. Petersburg.

Our message for our "all or nothing" bill was carried to Gov. Crist, who signed the bill based on their unanimous vote. Our small community has to be commended for our continued efforts in unified activism.

This is another lesson in what the true "Spirit of America" is really about — not sitting and brooding about situations unfairly being perpetrated on us, but standing up and using calm, factual logic and a commanding, continual presence to present to representatives we have selected as our voices.

Marlene Sanderson, Tierra Verde

School bus problems

Be patient, parents

We are all so quick to judge our school district's transportation system. Did we forget that the majority vote cut our taxes and ultimately will affect our public workforce? Did we forget that our population is changing in tough economic times and our student population has decreased? My child was one of the children left behind at a bus stop the first day of school. Of course I was upset, but I realize that this is a change for the drivers this year also.

What we don't read about are the actions the school district has continued to take to improve the transportation system. The day before school started, the drivers were out running their routes with an empty bus to try to minimize impacts due to the arterial changes. I was one of those parents who contacted the district to say my child was left behind on Aug. 25. Wednesday morning, a route supervisor was on site and spoke with the affected parents. The bus pulled up and the driver and supervisor discussed the safest location to pick up and drop off.

I appreciate the quick response and understand that over time, all of the bumps in the road created by the route changes will soon pass. Have patience, folks. Our school district has served us well over the years and, like all of us in these times, is trying to maintain the level of service we have taken for granted in the past.

Tammy Allen, Clearwater

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