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Quit messing with the lunch stand lady

Leave the lunch stand lady alone

The woman who owns the lunch stand at Home Depot is working and trying to make a living legally. She was issued a license and has been there for quite a while. Her company that supplies her use of the location is very emphatic about keeping a good image. I have eaten there many times and the food is fresh and the area is kept clean. This location has been a lunch stand for many years.

The selfish individual who complained about her existence to the county is probably one of those people who collects quite a bit of cash each month and wants more.

What the county has to really look at is the dirty eating places in this area. I can name quite a few. Why are these establishments not being cited for lack of cleanliness? Not only are their eating places dirty, but their bathrooms are filthy.

I have been a Pasco resident for 30 years and love to see the county do its job, but this situation is ridiculous. I only hope that this woman gets permission to continue with her business. She is working and not collecting welfare or unemployment. Leave her alone.

Joe Fratto, Hudson

Complaint is just sour grapes

It is unbelievable that a person like Chris Giles would ask Patricia Quintanilla for information for starting a business like her hot dog and food vending business and because zoning turns down his plan for his new business. He files a complaint against her business that has been operating well over five years. I guess he believes if I can't do it no one else will.

According to zoning, all it takes is for a person to file a complaint for them to take action. Well what if someone doesn't like the color of Mr. Giles' home or how he parks or the safety of his sidewalks or the way he parts his hair? I just hope that Debra Zampetti, the county's chief zoning officer, will rule in favor of this hard-working and tax-paying woman so she can keep her business and home.

This is no time for the county to start coddling to individuals who have no better thing to do than try to ruin someone else's life. In these economic times it does not make sense to shut down an income-producing and tax-paying business.

Dave Trump, Holiday

This business deserves support

I am a recent subscriber to your paper and want to thank you for bringing to light the issue with Ms. Quintanilla.

The fact that you alerted the public to the shortsighted vision of the Code Enforcement Division has only confirmed the need for a daily paper which can relate and support our community. The fact that one person can create such hardship for another tax-paying, lawful citizen is disheartening at best.

Thank you, Bill Stevens, for your compassionate story and I hope all concerned decent people will support this self supporting woman at the May 25 meeting.

Small business seems to be attacked not only by the unfortunate economic times, but our governing bodies as well.

Anthony Silva, New Port Richey

A proud day for Port Richey

On the 85th birthday party of the City of Port Richey, it's finest hour had at last come. One could only wonder if our forefathers ever envisioned that the little city they founded would ever grow into a beautiful city, sitting on a river with a name that most can't remember or even pronounce.

It's honest to say that we have had our ups and downs, our repeated struggle to survive against all odds, name calling and bad press and dumb, stupid mistakes by elected officials who should have known better. Yet here we were on May 15, celebrating a day, our day, giving thanks to those from the past who worked to show us how to keep our future secure.

Words seem inadequate when trying to express gratitude, but recognition must be given; to all the employees who worked tirelessly under a burning sun to prepare the park for the day's festivities, and then waited to restore the park by the light of the moon; to Bill Bennett, former council member and vice mayor, who donated all the fireworks right down to the insurance necessary to legally put on a spectacular show; to Police Chief Dave Brown and our officers, who did their duty and more; to our firefighters who were there just in case, to Council which approved the party in the first place and worked throughout the day to help make it the success it was, to all the people who brought their children, bright-eyed, excited, filling the park with only the sounds that children make, and to the rest of the attendees who looked around and saw a cohesive, happy crowd and perhaps thought, "Happy 85th, Port Richey. Who would have believed?"

Phyllis Grae, Port Richey

Will prayer gripe cut both ways?

I wonder if the people who criticized Bill Bunting and the Republican Party for supporting prayer at the commencement exercises at Pasco Hernando Community College will write to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who reached out to pastors to support amnesty during church services for illegal aliens.

Shouldn't that also violate their notion of separation of church and state?

Fred Deppe, Port Richey

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