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Readers sound off on New Port Richey Mayor Scott McPherson

Editor's note: All of today's letters reference news accounts, a Times editorial and previous letters regarding the July 26 behavior of New Port Richey Mayor Scott McPherson and the arrest of his wife, Kim.

No one to blame but yourself

Scott McPherson writes a formal letter to the public apologizing for his outrageous actions. However, his further quoted comments clearly blame everyone except himself.

The mayor brought attention to himself through his own poor choices and drunken statements in the presence of law enforcement while at a bar. He was so out of control his wife slapped him. He then attempted to intimidate the deputies with his power as mayor and as a friend of the sheriff. When that did not work, he then made recorded threats to both county and his own city dispatchers. Not satisfied with the response, he made a felony sexual assault complaint against the arresting deputy just to get the attention of the sheriff.

As a lawyer, he is very well-trained in the use of words and language to influence or sway a jury or run for mayor. He knew the words "sexual assault" would get everyone's attention. As a retired career Pasco deputy, I know he will be putting the arresting deputy through pure hell because of that accusation. The Sheriff's Office has no choice but to open a full investigation into his complaint. The deputy's whole life will be scrutinized. Even when he is cleared of charges the mayor's statements will always follow the deputy throughout his career.

McPherson's quoted statements to the press prove he blames everyone but himself. Where's the mayor's accountability? He said: "The media portrayed me as a raving lunatic." And, "I need the truth to come out."

Can the mayor handle the truth? Hats off to all the other deputies for having restraint. Based on news reports, I probably would have arrested him on disorderly conduct.

Thomas Hendricksen, Spring Hill

Everyone there overreacted

Calling for New Port Richey Mayor Scott McPherson's resignation is somewhat harsh.

Granted, McPherson's actions that evening were out of line. However, do they justify calling for a resignation? From the printed accounts, it appears that no one handled the situation wisely. Was there really a need to arrest Mrs. McPherson?

Just seems to be overreaction from all the parties involved on that evening.

Frank Ferreri, New Port Richey

Display respect and resign office

Mayor McPherson, please resign. How can an elected official become so arrogant as to think he is above the law and demand special privileges?

McPherson was elected to speak for the people, not down to them. Granted, we are only human and even the best among us can make a mistake, but what about recognizing our limitations and apologizing for any misconduct? Wouldn't the people who were present at McPherson's recent demonstration — witnesses and deputies — deserve that much courtesy? At the occasion of any mishap, a decent man will show his true colors and demonstrate his noble character — if he has one.

McPherson showed no respect for his community or his position or for the people he is supposed to represent. This community has no room for conceited, self-serving egotists without class. New Port Richey needs to look for a new mayor.

Edith Huber, Trinity

Drop ridiculous complaints now

This saga is typical of politicians. Their brains shrink in direct proportion to their swelling egos. Now we have McPherson's parents advising us in a letter to the editor of all of their son's past accomplishments.

We might have paid attention except for the story the same day about Scott and Kim McPherson filing a complaint against the deputies who responded to their own public drunken behavior.

Drop the complaints, mayor, or the Pasco taxpayers will have to pay the bill for your drunken debacle with your spouse.

Carmen Blakely, Lutz

Next time you're out, stick to soda

As a parent, I understand Scott McPherson's parents' initial reaction to defend their son. But I am afraid the perspective in their letter to the editor is a bit off-kilter. Let's say their son and his wife were out for the evening and after a heated discussion with a new acquaintance their son's face is slapped. Would he want the aggressor arrested? My guess is he would.

Assault is assault, regardless of the relationship between the aggressor and the victim. His wife hit him in public. The deputy's duty was to arrest her.

Perhaps the deputy might have given her a warning if either she or the mayor had shown remorse or contrition. Instead, McPherson verbally abused the officers and threatened their careers. Had the deputies released his wife at that point, witnesses could have called the sheriff and filed complaints for dereliction of duty.

My father taught me that I should never say anything in public or in writing that I would not want printed on the front page of the newspaper — advice McPherson would be wise to heed. If he cannot govern his speech and actions when he has had a few, he needs to drink soda when out in public and save the hard stuff for the privacy of his home.

Neither McPherson nor his wife are mature enough to admit the initial fault was theirs and that the deputies' response was a direct result of another politician thinking his office gives him power to function above the law.

Susan M. Gravestock, Land O' Lakes

You'd feel at home in Port Richey

It appears that a significant barrier has come down in the persistent attempt to unify Port Richey and New Port Richey. From the beginning, Port Richey has been held up for ridicule due to the ongoing circus involving its elected public officials and their three-ring City Council meetings.

New Port Richey has always maintained a disciplined and properly managed city and they refused to participate in this unprofessional behavior. Up until Monday, July 26, they were oil and water.

Mayor Scott McPherson and his wife have struck a blow for unification. Their loud and inarticulate public displays in front of a number of unsuspecting restaurant patrons and responding deputies mark them as contenders for possible elected office in Port Richey. Who in New Port Richey today can look down their noses at their poor cousins across the river when talk turns to one united city?

Steve Madden, Lutz

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