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Recyclers back new coordinator

Recyclers back new coordinator

As the president of RESORCE Recycling Club Inc., I am pleased to pledge my support and the support of our club to Jennifer Seney in her new role as recycling coordinator for Pasco County. We are pleased to see the position filled and are confident that Jennifer will do a very good job if she has the support of the county commissioners and the county administrators.

RESORCE does not favor any one individual or any one policy; we simply favor recycling for the good of everyone and for our environment. We will work with Jennifer, the County Commissioners, the county administrators and anyone else who is committed to recycling.

We are, however, aware that there are individuals and corporations that have their own agendas and wish to turn Pasco County into one big landfill and call it recycling. We are not fooled by their rhetoric and are not impressed by their promises. We are not looking for anyone to come along as a white knight to solve all of our problems. We feel that mandatory recycling is the best and surest way to reduce the load on the incinerator and to stop sending our trash to another county where they employ the landfill method. We don't believe in landfills in any county or state. We believe that we can and should recycle newspaper, all numbers of plastics and should have recycling mandatory at every public event.

We are pulling for Jennifer to succeed. If she succeeds, we all succeed. RESORCE is made up of unpaid volunteers who donate their time, sometimes their money, their labor and all of their good ideas to the county and to the people who live here. We ask for nothing in return except that the people of Pasco County commit themselves to a clean environment, a safe environment and a healthy environment that we can pass down to our children and grandchildren.

Lewis Corvene, Hudson

The invisible land grab story, May 4

Victims lose and the lawyers win

The processes and events reported in this article by Jodie Tillman are only the tip of the iceberg. Lloyd Schnur's and Sam Dennewitz's comments are right to the point.

Attorneys are getting rich advising and protecting real estate con artists in Florida who are enjoying a fertile rebirth. Chances are their efforts will also be rewarded with taxpayer money in the government bail-out of the mortgage industry.

These con artists calmly go about the scams with little or no fear of prosecution from state regulatory agencies or law enforcement entities.

Attorneys collect high fees from the con artists to create these disasters, frauds and legal messes; more fees are collected to fend off the victim; further fees are gained defending their con man client from legal action and even higher fees are collected by other lawyers assisting the victim who is defending his property rights.

These high fees are charged because of the insane, inefficient processes created by a legal system that works directly for the con artist and supports an abusive process that works directly against a victim's efforts at justice.

Why would people, paid by the hour to engage in this highly inefficient and insane process, want to correct it and deprive themselves of an extremely high income?

There is nothing civil about the civil process. It has now become the weapon of choice of the con artist and is used effectively with carefully orchestrated abuses of the process to remove from the victims their goods, property and rights.

Should a victim ever prevail within the civil process, he will next have to face the uphill battle to collect any money judgment received. Even that process has been organized to work against the victim and those most familiar with the civil system will admit that a victim's receipt of a money judgment is generally an empty victory.

Finally, if there may be a danger of con artists having to pay money judgments, there is a final sanctuary for them: federal bankruptcy court.

Remember, when dealing with a con artist, one is generally dealing with an antisocial personality who has little respect for the rules of society, is dishonest and lies easily. These people are sociopaths who generally believe they are entitled to the fruits of their misdeeds.

So, for those who are without ethics, conscience, morality or integrity, it is the perfect environment. The system needs to take itself seriously. It must understand that it is here to act on behalf of the public's interest and not for its own self-serving interest. It is definitely not here to be abused by unscrupulous, ruthless people for their own benefit!

Don Brophy, Inverness

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