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Recycling cutback in Hernando County is comical and inconvenient

A recycling cut so funny it hurts

Another comedy of errors from our illustrious county commissioners to cut our recycling pickups to only two times per month. The punch line being they reduced our recycling the very week of Earth Day. That is hilarious — or is it comically asinine?

Who thinks up these ridiculous budget-crunching tactics, and how many politically masked bandits does it take to vote in these changes? Why are we the people never asked our bill-paying opinions about the changes that impact our lives?

Anyone who participates in and cares about recycling knows what a personal hassle and inconvenience this will cause in our busy lives. Anyone who participates in and cares about recycling knows that we should be adding more recycling, mainly glass, if we truly intend to acknowledge and support Earth Day and our own Earth future. If we had a proper and sufficiently run recycling system, then we would be able to reduce our trash can pickup.

Well, they decided it, voted on it and we the people are hog-tied into participating, so too bad for Earth Day.

However, I will not pay for a service voted out and not rendered to me. I will subtract my $1.73 ($3.45 per billing cycle) for my two pickups per month and I seriously encourage everyone to do the same. It doesn't sound like much until you take that, times a few thousand cheated customers, and then we'll see how much that saves our county commissioners and utilities department. Also, that $1.73 will pay for the gas that I use to recycle my overflow at a dropoff site behind Target, between county pickups.

County commissioners, you need to find another less ecologically unfriendly way to save us money, like not mailing out thousands of incorrect recycling notices, only to have to mail a second round.

Mary K. Bratt, Spring Hill

County stance on recycling absurd

Looks like Hernando County may end up being the most regressive county in the state. Our landfills are filling up at an alarming rate and yet our representatives want to do away with recycling completely instead of trying to encourage expansion of the program.

We have been frustrated with the idea that glass is not included in the program. To do away with recycling altogether is completely beyond belief. Maybe it's time to get rid of these backward-thinking commissioners.

Martha Mitchell, Spring Hill

Discounts, rate hike would help

It's absurd for Commissioner Jeff Stabins to even mention discontinuing the picking up of recyclables.

I would like him to see the trash I put out Wednesday morning. And to please note that my actual garbage can is not even close to being full. That is the case only because there are two recycle bins full of plastic and aluminum and four recycle bins full of newspaper and cardboard sitting beside it. And we're not what I'd call hard-core recyclers. I'm sure there are plenty of incidentals in the garbage that could have been recycled.

I just wish the 80 percent of residents in Spring Hill who don't recycle would. Of course our pickup being changed to every other week doesn't make it any easier. I say increase the rate for recycling in order to cover the cost of weekly pickup and then give discount incentives to those that actually do recycle.

J. Daniel, Spring Hill

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Recycling cutback in Hernando County is comical and inconvenient 04/29/10 [Last modified: Thursday, April 29, 2010 5:21pm]
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