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Recycling isn't just about money

Once a problem, it's now solution | July 7 article

Recycling isn't just about money

So, as usual, it's all about money. Forget values — money defines behavior for the county. And all along I thought recycling was the right thing to do from a natural resources consumption and environmental point of view. I guess I didn't realize that we recycle because it was a money-maker. And now that prices are down for the glass bottles separated and collected, they are now unceremoniously not separated, but broken up and mixed inextricably with the rest of the trash — as cover material.

I suppose it's possible for a homeowner to make a mistake and place the glass with the plastic when complying with trash separation rules, but I guess it takes the county to really screw things up. I would think Scott Harper's statement that the crushed glass is not harmful to birds needs some follow-up. Given there are so many feeding daily, I can easily imagine an unseen embedded piece of glass crushed into food debris being swallowed by an unsuspecting bird. That can't be good for the digestive tract!

And spreading the collected paint around too — that's also a good idea? I think we need a couple of scientists to weigh in on these brainstorms. In my life I have found that there are times when my good values coincidentally end up saving me money — that's icing on the cake. But not always. Sometimes it costs money to be a good citizen of the earth, but my values aren't for sale.

Jim Mastro, Brooksville

Sheriff's office must cooperate

Due to the bad and worsening economy, the Hernando County budget has declined for the past two years and probably will continue to do so. As a result, County Administrator David Hamilton has requested all county departments, out of necessity, cut their budgets.

Sheriff Richard Nugent, however, refuses to comply. He must believe that he and his department are indispensable or simply sacred cows. Well, as his employer, though my taxes, I have a suggestion for the sheriff. Cut your budget.

You and your herd can make it up by issuing citations to fireworks enthusiasts, who feel the need to chase off birds in residential neighborhoods all evening and up to 1 a.m., thus annoying and irritating residents and their pets. Apparently birds migrate from the farms to residential areas only on New Year's Eve and July Fourth.

Paul Capral, Spring Hill

County should evolve past event | July 8 letter.

Nothing wrong with shooting

I think the letter writer's take on the machine gun shoot is a bit off.

Calling his family in New York and telling them about our machine gun shoot was a good thing, and having a laugh because we do things different here is okay by me. (Believe me, we have all had a lot of laughs about the things that go on in New York.) But to imply that there is something wrong with this event is just plain wrong.

I am sure that the sponsors of the machine gun shoot are responsible and properly licensed and are legal owners of their guns.

Having lived in New York, the writer most likely have had much more experience with machine guns (gang violence, drive-by shootings, etc.) than most of us country folks.

Maybe that's why we keep showing up each year to have some fun and enjoy ourselves and maybe that's why he stays away.

Donald Montgomery, Brooksville

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