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Red-light cameras cut traffic risks

Red-light citation dismissed Oct. 6, article

Red-light cameras cutting traffic risk

Nowhere in this article does Julio Carral deny running this red light.

This citation was dismissed on several technicalities, but it does not change the fact that Mr. Carral put not only himself but other people at risk by running a red light.

Brooksville has issued 5,000 red-light tickets since May. This means at least 5,000 people were at risk by these traffic violations. The red-light camera program may not be the perfect solution, but let's hope it makes a few people think before they run a red light.

Joni Dunn, Spring Hill

Vote for land program, repair budget mistakes Oct. 7 editorial

All should share mosquito cost

While I agree that mosquito control is a matter of public health, as is law enforcement, I disagree with your recommendation for a "no'' vote.

Here is what I sent to Hernando County commissioners in September 2011:

Mosquitoes. Pesky critters. And real equal opportunists. They're looking for a meal and don't discriminate in their selection process. Pretty democratic when you think about it.

You had a chance to make the cost of mosquito control in the county a bit more like the mosquito itself. Non-discriminatory. Commissioner Wayne Dukes' ill-advised vote leaves the cost of mosquito control in the general fund for budget purposes. Columnist Dan DeWitt previously offered up the statistic that "the owners of 8,449 houses or lots pay no county property taxes, and the owners of 43,459 properties pay less than $400 per year, most of them a lot less; their average tax bill was $148." I don't think that the owners of those homes and lots that pay no tax are also somehow eliminated from consideration by the county mosquitoes as they are looking for a meal.

In the busy lives that we all lead these days, there often isn't time to fix something that isn't broken. When times in Hernando County were giddy with growth, the budget wasn't broken. At least not obviously broken. But it is now. It is seriously broken. And that presents an opportunity to not only fix the budget, but to improve it as well. Creating a system (a tax) that spreads the cost of mosquito control across more of the mosquitoes' meal candidates seems like one of those improvements that makes sense.

There are certain government functions that benefit all residents of the community. Police, fire, clean water, healthy food, and yes, mosquito control, are examples. No one who lives in the county should pay nothing for these services.

You were close on funding mosquito control in a more equitable fashion.

Rick Mau, Weeki Wachee

Commissioners to review allowing dogs at beach Oct. 6, article

Dog waste on beach disgusting

I was disgusted, as a nurse and grandmother, to learn dogs and their waste products were allowed on the beach.

There must be land in Hernando County for the dogs where children won't later be playing and swimming. This is a public safety issue.

Carole Ryan, Spring Hill

Photographer deserves kudos

Octavio Jones is an amazing photographer.

I remember a few years ago when the photos in the paper and online were awful. Good job!

Jenny Earnest, Brooksville

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