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Rekindling community spirit will help our country

A call to service again resounds across nation Diane Steinle column, Jan. 20

Time to rekindle community spirit

An excellent piece. We've lost our sense of community spirit in America and need to get it back. I especially liked your ending: i.e., no big deal, Obama's just asking us to help each other.

Lil Cromer, Belleair

A call to service again resounds across nation Diane Steinle column, Jan. 20

Volunteering can ease tough times

As a community volunteer for going on 15 years, I am refreshed and ready to volunteer with renewed vigor for all that is good for my country and for the world at large.

I hope that you are planning to do so as well if you have even an hour a week at your disposal. Some of you are already hard at it despite job loss or other personal setbacks and sadness. While you search for the next opportunity, you choose to fill your hours with constructive volunteerism rather than self-pity. I know, because I see you and appreciate you.

Hang on, things are about to look up. May the wind be at our backs.

Lorraine Margeson, St. Petersburg

Work together to help our country

I'm sure there will be many comments and remarks regarding our 44th president as he assumes his new and very demanding job.

I, for one, pray that the people of this blessed and beautiful country can finally come together and work for the betterment of all. I pray we will all seek God's direction as we try to renew our spirit to remake this country into a place that even our creator can be proud of.

I pray that every sign of hunger and homelessness will vanish. To care for one and all is a true sign of prosperity and love, which is God's purpose for our lives.

God has given us this great nation and its diversity of people for us to come together to preserve and protect, and thus we should seek a renewing of our faith in God and his people, to make us truly a united nation, and to accept all men as brothers.

Until we learn to work together and stop making the dollar our god, we will be fighting a losing battle.

So as we begin a new era, let's work together for truth and justice for one and all. Nothing else will suffice, if a change for the better is what we want.

Fran Glaros, Clearwater

Fees unpaid, condo lost story, Jan. 11

Neighbors can help each other

You always hear retired individuals grousing about big government social programs, saying the money never helps the intended individuals. Here is a great opportunity for those 10,000 residents of On Top of the World in Clearwater to step up to the plate and form a grass roots program to help their neighbors who are having financial problems.

Why not have every resident pay an extra $1 a month into a fund that the board of directors can use for situations such as subsidizing, in this case, the $280 a month condo fees?

With just the cost of a cup of coffee each month, the residents could really show that they care about their neighbors and fellow human beings.

Charles J. Rutz, Clearwater

Firefighters save business, cars

We are writing this letter to thank, with all our hearts, the firefighters from Pinellas Park and all the other fire departments that came to our rescue on Dec. 22.

We operate a high-end automotive repair shop and keep many cars inside our building. After 911 was called, the Pinellas Park Fire Department was there within minutes and, with hoses blasting, they were able to extinguish the fire in our engine building room.

The whole building was filled with thick, blinding smoke and yet they were able to make it through to the fire in the back corner, without any water or physical damage to the many exotic cars that they passed. They saved our building, our customers' cars, our shop equipment and parts, and our mechanics' tools.

We want them to know how much we appreciate their unquestioned bravery to go into a building — blind — knowing it is filled with loaded fuel tanks. We wish we could thank each one of them personally, but not knowing how to do that, we are sending a check for their recognition to the local Firefighters Benevolent Association.

We ask that everyone remember the bravery and the sacrifice that these people are willing to make for the safety of us all and the property we so cherish.

Frank, Peggy and Eric Eibell, Clearwater

Jan. 16 St. Petersburg Times

Value of Times seen in one day

Today's edition included:

1. Florida House Speaker Ray Sansom's attempts to explain his total lack of common sense and native intelligence, for which he should resign from the Florida House of Representatives.

2. Your writeup on the arrest of the new manager of St. Petersburg's BayWalk was a beauty. Oh, how the mighty are falling!

3. A look at the astronomical salaries (plus perks) might wake up the voters as to why our education system costs will bring us to total financial ruin unless they are reined in. The salaries resemble a king's ransom. I note you have touched on the subject.

Thanks for putting out the best newspaper I have ever read stem to stern every day for 13 years.

Walter E. Breen, Clearwater

Let school bosses work in portables

I believe the school administration buildings in Pinellas County should house students and the administrators should work out of portables.

Everyone I have mentioned this to agrees.

Derek Howard, Clearwater

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