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Rep. Brown-Waite has it all wrong

Re: Arctic drilling may reduce gas prices June 26 guest column

Brown-Waite has it all wrong

I feel I must respond to Congressperson Ginny Brown-Waite, who blames the Democratic majority for high fuel prices. Her statement is patently false and smacks of pettifogging, revisionist rhetoric

I will attempt to take each of the congressperson's assertions and expose them as the her opinions, not facts.

A hostage crisis? Brown-Waite uses this term quite loosely. There is no hostage crisis; this is fear-mongering, alarmist tactics used by those who hope to scare us into agreeing with them.

She accuses the Democrats in Congress for high fuel prices; this is pure hogwash. Who sells oil, Congress? No, oil companies and oil speculators sell oil, the very interests for whom Brown-Waite shills.

The congressperson says the Democrats refuse to explore for more oil and natural gas. Lie! Congress has approved hundreds of thousands of acres of leases for exploration, and permits for drilling on those leases have been issued. Why are they not drilling there? Why is Brown-Waite not asking this question instead of accusing others of holding Americans hostage?

She also says two-thirds of the country want to explore for oil, but the Democrats have said no. The Democrats say drill on the permitted leases first. The congressperson fails to mention this aspect of the argument in her negative, accusing column. (As an aside I would mention that two-thirds of the country want the U.S. out of Iraq, but the congressperson supports that war —- not that the war has had any effect on our economy.)

Let the congressperson be less obtuse with constituents. The price of fuel will not be affected by arctic or gulf drilling. Oil obtained for such drilling can be sold on the world market at market prices to the benefit of whom? The oil companies and oil speculators.

Responsible drilling in the gulf coast waters? (Responsible being the catchword.) Do Floridians want to go to our beautiful beaches and look at oil rigs? Do tourists, our number-one state industry, want to come here to look at oil rigs?

The congressperson then rants on about who is to blame about not opening the arctic. The American people did not want this action and so it has not happened. We are not going to drill our way to a short-term fix that will not work.

The congressperson tries to scare us old-timers into thinking we cannot survive without air conditioning. Well, I have lived in the Tampa Bay area for my 67 years. I have lived in the shade of Florida's grandfather and grandmother oaks without air conditioning and I am here to say the congressperson does not scare me.

Karol "Bud" Klein, Dade City

Representative just doesn't get it

I see the Ginny Brown-Waite bray train is back in town. For a politician from the bloated elephant party, she sure acts and sounds more like the iconic mascot of the other party.

I wonder if Brown-Waite knows what the word "refuge,'' as in Arctic National Wildlife "Refuge,'' means? But then, by her past actions, her past votes, her current and past support of every action taken by the Bush administration and the lowest credibility-ranked Congress in the history of the nation, it is easy to see why words like "preserve,'' and "refuge'' give way to short-sighted, jump-on-the-band wagon, knee-jerk reactions that she is famous for. This is the same congressperson who voted for and supported the Iraq war, and when the elephants were the majority, filled our newspapers with her rhetoric supporting the invasion, occupation and senseless killing in Iraq.

And now she would have us believe she was right all along about drilling in Alaska, as if her support of an administration that has created highest gas prices, highest unemployment, highest national deficit, failing stock market, failed housing market, destruction of basic civil rights to privacy, and the loss of lives of more than 4,000 American military has given her any standing of credibility to say she has been right about anything.

Brown-Waite supports a failed president. She supports drilling in ANWR, as well as in the gulf, and has the audacity to use the words "responsible drilling" in her diatribe, which begins with a Carl Rove edict — use fear in any form — that "Americans today face a new hostage crisis."


Bob Dodd, Dade City

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