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Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite's actions deprive Hernando voters of choice

Candidate choice taken from voters

Welcome to politics as usual. Last week U.S. Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite decided to handpick, or maybe crown a successor. In her infinite wisdom, she disregarded the input of the people from District 5, as well as local Republican committees and clubs. Are there other candidates that the people and leadership of District 5 would prefer over Richard Nugent? Simple answer, yes!

It appears to me that the disease of liberal progressives not listening to the electorate has now spread to the progressive wing of the Republican Party. In recent days I have seen and heard nothing short of outrage over Brown-Waite's decision. Once again a politician disregards the voice of the people, feeling as though she knows what is best for us.

And her decision is to extend the progression by picking another candidate with a history of uncontrolled spending, government expansion and obviously a healthy respect for back-room deals.

Jason Sager was placed on the ballot by the people. His campaign obtained over 7,000 petitions from the people of District 5. Unlike Nugent, Sager is the people's candidate, not one crowned in a back room who bought his way onto the ballot.

It basically comes down to a simple choice. Do we want to perpetuate business as usual politics, excessive budgets our children will drown in and questionable deals? Or do the people of District 5 want true representation in Washington that we have chosen fairly and honestly?

Jennifer Lewis, Spring Hill

Brown-Waite took away choice

U.S. Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite represented herself; she did nothing but complain and show her ignorance toward anyone not in her party. Now her parting shot is to deny us fair representation.

We could have had a choice between Sen. Mike Fasano or Public Service Commissioner Nancy Argenziano, not some local cop with no experience at a time so critical.

I guess we will have to endure more years with little help from Washington, unless you are big business.

I pray to God that someone will override this injustice done to our voting rights.

Richard Norcini, Spring Hill

Republican irked by Brown-Waite

I wanted to wait several days prior to responding to our congresswoman regarding her timely exit from office just to make sure what I heard was correct.

Her admission of leaving office and controlling her replacement (Sheriff Richard Nugent) to fill her seat is just unbelievable. The representative pulled off a dirty low trick in not letting more qualified candidates enter the race and thus blowing any chance for the Republicans to hold onto this office. The sheriff already has shown he can't be trusted in this office due to his flip-flop on issues and contempt for local business affairs with Hernando County officials.

Thank you Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite for destroying all that you had worked so hard to fix while in office. This 50-year Republican is now switching to another party.

T. William Simmons, Spring Hill

Democrats, here's your opportunity

Here it is: We have a choice between a good ol' boy politician, Richard Nugent, who really should resign as sheriff, at least to give the appearance of being a square shooter, and a newbie named Jason Sager, another questionable Sarah follower who is a Libertarian, Jeffersonian and tea partier (read pink unicorns, Uncle Sam costumes and Bozo the clown noses).

I really hope the Democrats can come up with someone who is going to do some good and not be looking out for number one.

Questionable politicians look, sound and walk like a duck, and it seems to me that both waddle a bit.

Paul Settle, Spring Hill

Recycling helps landfill, budget

I have followed the commentary regarding the reduction of recycling here in Spring Hill closely and while I disagree with the reduction, I can understand the commission's logic that cutting a service that isn't being utilized to its potential represents savings.

However, in light of the fact that the county is also struggling with landfill capacity, wouldn't it make more sense to make recycling mandatory (and enforce it) and essentially kill two birds with one stone? We would save on landfill capacity and cost and justify the recycling cost, which is not being reduced to residents despite the reduced services.

It seems that in the current model, only Waste Management is benefiting. The county will still have to struggle with the landfill capacity and all the savings on recycling will be spent in finding alternate trash sites.

Our family recycles because we feel it's environmentally correct, and quite frankly, we were used to it, having moved from a town where it was mandatory. We also participate in composting and as a result, our trash volume is less than two bags per week. Our combined recycling contribution is 50 percent more.

I encourage the county to revisit this and consider mandatory recycling with fines for noncompliance. This would generate revenue and provide cost savings by extending the capacity of the landfill through the exponential reduction of the input, which outweighs the meager savings currently being hoped for.

It's not too late to change a wrong course.

K. Vance, Spring Hill

Young people are more violent now

In the last week I heard two stories of such violence and concern that I had to write

A grandmother told me of her 20-year-old granddaughter who got 30 stitches in her face. When a young man pushed her, she elbowed him back, then he proceeded to punch her three times in the face. Whatever happened to the basic principle of "men don't hit women?"

A mother told me of her 16-year-old daughter who was a go-between for two other girls having an issue over a boy. She ended up in a fight and acquired a knot on her head. The issue then escalated to a rumble at a park between the first two girls and it ended with an emergency flight due to a knife wound.

There is such violence and rage within our youth community. What is our county coming to? Where is this going to end? What do we do about it?

Stop the playing of violent video games. Stop the violence and sexual explicitness on our televisions, including advertisements. Teach young people appropriate expression to communicate with words or more appropriate means such as through a healthy activity like sports or art.

Together we can make a difference. Join us at the Summit for Youth & Families, on Sept. 30. To obtain more information or to help, contact [email protected]

Tracy Echols, Spring Hill

Waive park fees for veterans

As a 100 percent disabled Vietnam veteran, I get certain benefits from my government, one of which is free admission to all national parks.

As so many disabled veterans are coming home every day from Afghanistan and Iraq, why can't the state of Florida or county government give free access to the state and county parks to these veterans and to all 100 percent disabled veterans?

We paid our dues when we went into combat and come home to a state and county that continues to bleed us.

Jerry Diaz, Bushnell

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