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Rep. Nugent's e-mail on debt is misleading

Nugent's e-mail is misleading

I received last week an e-mail from our rookie U.S. Rep. Richard Nugent, our donation to the increasingly dysfunctional House of Representatives. In the e-mail, he tells me that many of his constituents are concerned that they will not receive their Social Security and other benefits if an increase to the debt ceiling is not passed. So far he's correct.

Then the fun begins! He calls this "a scare tactic, pure and simple." That of course is blatantly untrue. It could very easily come to pass.

And he further states, "Spending on Social Security, Medicare, veterans' benefits and our troops has already been authorized by Congress, and the president has the authority to continue funding these priorities. If he chooses not to, it will be his decision and his alone." Here he is spreading another falsehood, praying that no one will catch on to the fact that everything that is in the budget has already been authorized by Congress!

The indifference of the majority of the American people to this very real crisis is the product of so-called leaders like Mr. Nugent not being open and honest with them. It does make a difference whether or not we raise our debt ceiling. The inability of the federal government to pay what it owes to its seniors and its veterans would be tragic indeed. (I am the recipient of both types of payment.) But that tragedy pales in comparison to what would happen to the economy of the United States if the debt ceiling is not raised. The result would be economic chaos and the relegation of the United States in eyes of the world to a status of just another Bangladesh or Ivory Coast.

We pride ourselves on being the world's only superpower and a shining city on a hill, both statuses that are fast dimming. If Mr. Nugent had had time to prepare for his job rather than having had it bequeathed to him by former Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite, he might have known that. He owes me and the rest of his constituents an apology for his misleading statements, and he should resolve to be open and honest with them instead of consistently spouting the party line no matter how fraught it is with misleading lies and falsehoods.

Terry Ogden, Spring Hill

Free day at parks was a great idea

What a wonderful way to celebrate our National Park and Recreation Day by offering free admission to Weeki Wachee Park on Sunday, July 17. When I drove by and saw the parking lot filled and cars parked in every available spot all the way to Northcliffe Boulevard, I realized what a special day this was for many families. A special thanks goes to whoever made this possible.

Wouldn't it be nice if the state could do this one day a month during the summer months or at least have a half-price admission day or some other incentive that would enable more families to be able to enjoy our park?

Barbara Miller, Weeki Wachee

Volunteer helps many veterans

It is my understanding that the county veterans services office handles three appointments for each of two service officers per day. According to letters to the editor from passionate constituents, one of these paid service officers is being relieved of her duties.

It is worth noting that serving nearly 40 veterans and their dependents per week at VFW Post 10209 you will find Veteran's Service Officer, Deron Mikal. Deron is a volunteer who selflessly and tirelessly dedicates his time, and, at his own expense, provides the necessary office supplies and communications facilities. With nearly 20 years' experience behind him, Mr. Mikal travels with many of his veterans for their hearings including a recent trip, at his own cost, to Washington, D.C., to represent a veteran.

John Houyou and Ken Allen are specialists with Deron to assist with medals, awards, service treatment record, flight logs, ship logs and personnel records.

All of our fellow veterans who have been served by Deron Mikal, and especially those at Post 10209 off of Anderson Snow Road in Spring Hill, (where Mr. Mikal also serves as adjutant) wish to sincerely thank him for his compassionate counseling, and tireless advocacy in the service of those who have served their country.

Paul Griffin, Brooksville

Good workers save garbage day

I wish to express appreciation for an act of customer service that shocked me with a well of satisfaction seldom experienced in these days when there is all too often a lack of respect and caring for the interest of the consumer.

In mid-afternoon, I heard the sound of the garbage truck. Egads! I had forgotten it was pick-up day; the truck was just leaving my neighbor's home, surely on its way down the street, bypassing my home. I slipped on a pair of flip-flops, opened the garage door and pulled the garbage bag out of the trash can. As I turned around, the truck had stopped at the end of my driveway, most likely familiar with these last-second actions, and waited as I hauled the bag into the hands of the employee of Waste Management.

As I thanked the trash handler, he said, "It's better this way…" the rest of which was drowned out by the roar of the hydraulic lifter. Regardless, his and the driver's actions could not have been a better example of providing excellent service to a paying customer.

Jeffrey Allen, Spring Hill

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