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Replace Brown-Waite with bobble-head doll

Mitchells meet their challenges with grace Bill Stevens column, Jan. 25

Untold art story of Jim Mitchell

The Mitchells are a boon to the county. How wonderful to hear that Dorothy Mitchell is doing so well after such a terrible car accident. Although the Mitchell family has always been known as a supportive, generous and respected one in our immediate community, their active involvement in art projects with their son Jim may be a well-kept secret. Jim, who was an excellent artist, was on the board of the Pasco Arts Council, as well as a valuable board member at the Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art.

For many years his mother, Dorothy, supported Jim's art studio and collaborative print workshop on the ranch. After Jim's untimely death several years ago, Dorothy and the family donated his workshop equipment to the St. Petersburg College Tarpon Springs campus, where the Leepa-Rattner Museum is located, with the intention of establishing a future visiting artists program in his name.

Dorothy then donated "Expanding Expressions," her entire collection of 34 masterprints by famous international artists, to the museum. This valuable collection has now travelled to many venues throughout the United States.

We all do so miss Jim. Thanks again to the family for their generosity in promoting the arts in our community.

Lois and Linda Berghoff, New Port Richey

Rhetoric muddles her case against the bailout Dan DeWitt column, Feb. 1

Brown-Waite vs. bobble-head doll

I totally agree with Mr. DeWitt's conclusion that U.S. Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite's most memorable contributions to the massive effort to bail out the financial system and resuscitate the economy have been inflammatory and misleading quotes.

Brown-Waite's history has been to pop up on hot button issues spewing partisan rhetoric that is spun for self-promotion and self-interest. During President Bush's inept and disastrous eight years, she was certainly a loyal parrot for the administration. With a Democratic majority in the House coupled with Brown-Waite's continual pandering and self-promotion, her worth to the residents of the 5th District is questionable at best.

Therefore, I suggest that she be replaced by a bobble-head doll and that the cost of her salary, benefits and perks be used for something useful. When her party's puppeteers wanted a vote, they could just tap the doll on top of the head for it to bob up and down signifying yes, while with a tap on the side it would shake back and forth signifying no. A simple win-win for all.

Michael Cleary, New Port Richey

Investigate firing of two deputies

Why did it take the sheriff none months to fire these two deputies? Why would you let a deputy stay on the job if he was such a detriment to the department?

The deputy who had nothing but commendations in his file and no past trouble, even stated he had taken new medication as one of his reasons for doing what he did. Doesn't this show how much integrity he had to come to work sick and not take a day off?

Most importantly why would the sheriff keep him working and let him shoot someone while he is under investigation? These firings sound politically motivated.

If all this occurred last May, why did the sheriff wait till after the election and after his inauguration to fire these two? Bob White should be investigated for the real reason behind these firings and why it took so long for the sheriff to come to the conclusion he did.

Alice Jakubiak, Hudson

Replace Brown-Waite with bobble-head doll 02/02/09 [Last modified: Monday, February 2, 2009 8:36pm]
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