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Republican leaders' fear of taxes hurts the public

Fear of taxes hurts community

Once again the Pasco County Commission has astounded me with its short-sighted response to an underwhelming budget constraint. They intend to close county pools because in their overall multimillion-dollar budget, they cannot find sufficient funds to operate and maintain these capital assets.

The public wanted libraries, pools and other amenities to improve the overall quality of life in Pasco County and stood tall to fund them. Now, for an amount less than $300,000, the commission refuses to increase revenue by the Republicans' most feared word "taxes." The commission took the same approach last year and decided to impose a fee (tax) at a number of parks to increase revenue instead of manning up (the current expression to do what's right) and raising taxes on all properties by a miniscule amount of a few dollars a year.

They could raise property taxes a small amount this year, probably a few dollars a month, to ensure that the pools remain open, that libraries are open seven days a week, and that parks are free. The citizens of Pasco were enlightened enough to support bond issues to build these facilities, but the County Commission is so fearful of being labeled "tax and spend" by the Republican party leadership, they would rather close these community assets and let them fall into disrepair.

It would be refreshing to see commissioners with a backbone who saw the bottom line as providing services to the public instead of pandering to their campaign contributors and political party overlords. If our predecessor citizens were far-sighted enough to request and pay for these county-wide amenities, then we as current citizens should be willing to fund these facilities appropriately.

Dale Gottschalk, Hudson

Enforce speed limit on U.S. 19

It's about time that the Sheriff's Office and Florida Highway Patrol control the speeding on U.S. 19 north of State Road 52.

The exit of the Hudson Post Office is a death trap, with cars doing 70 to 80 mph on U.S. 19, making it difficult and dangerous to exit. What's the point of having a speed limit of 45 mph if it is not enforced?

Speed traps are warranted and serve two purposes: safety and extra, much-needed revenue.

Mel Abrahams, Bayonet Point

Look not to Capitol for schools' salvation | C.T. Bowen column, June 15

Accountability lacking on schools

Thank you, C.T. Bowen. You are 100 percent accurate.

We have high paid salaries in Tallahassee in the Education Department who tell you "not my job, man, not my job" Then you have a School Board which says "not my job, man, not my job."

When I went to both about a problem, that was the response from them. So why are we taxpayers paying them? If every matter is not the state's job and they say it is the county's job, but the School Board says they have no part of it, just where does one go when unsatisfied with "not my job, man, not my job?"

Christina Ennist, New Port Richey

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Republican leaders' fear of taxes hurts the public 06/15/11 [Last modified: Wednesday, June 15, 2011 6:40pm]
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