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Republicans have failed Florida

Good memory is not forte of Pasco's Republican Executive Committee | C.T. Bowen column, May 21

Republicans have failed Florida

It has been a long time since I last read an article written by C.T. Bowen, and I wasn't disappointed.

I find the state of the American political system in complete decay. Wouldn't you agree? The two-party system has failed the good people of Florida, and there isn't any hope for salvation.

Since the late 1980s, C.T. Bowen has been observing, reporting, and, in a way, influencing the Florida political landscape. Has the Pax Americana ended?

The state of the Republican is that of a dying horse, and it's time to get the shotgun and finish the job. Don't get me wrong, I'm still a conservative, and I will always vote for the right. However, with the Republican Executive Committee still acting like children, maybe it is time to let the party die.

Christopher J. McQuade,

San Antonio, Texas

Letter may be a bit of sour grapes | May 27, letter

More guns are new GOP priority

The letter writer's reiterations of the Republican mantra of less taxes, less government and more freedom seem disconnected from reality because each year they violate their own principles. But now he appears to be in the forefront of change by adding a fourth principle: more guns.

The Republican mantra, or what some call the far right bill of rights, is less taxes, less government, more freedom and more guns. Don't like the idea of more guns? Unfortunately those in control of the Republican Party want more guns and want it to be the first part, and not the last part, of the new Republican statement of principle.

Art Hayhoe, Wesley Chapel

This Republican sees GOP faults | May 24, letter

Presumed leader has done nothing

Over and over I have watched this self-proclaimed former loyal Republican leader expound on his qualifications to sit on the Republican Executive Committee. However, nowhere in all his verbal abuse of the GOP leaders has he shown any evidence of support for his party. No donations, no volunteering his time and no help in keeping the GOP united. He mishandled his loyalty oath requirements and as a result was denied a seat on the executive committee. This went all the way to the Republican Party of Florida and he still cannot face the fact that he blew it.

Now all he can do is try to destroy the efforts of Randy Maggard and Bill Bunting. Mr. Maggard's leadership is focused on expanding and improving the image of the GOP and I have never heard that gun rights are at the top of his list. He is a true conservative and faith and family type of leader. My thanks go to him because that is the foundation of the Republican Party.

Although Bill Bunting is a gun rights advocate and helps to keep my Second Amendment rights safe, his priority is to continue to do for this county what Ronald Reagan did for this country. He has turned Pasco County into a Republican stronghold. For all their unpaid efforts, I say, thank you.

Anita L. Tarolli, Hudson

Republican's letter off base May 27, letter

Committee has become corrupt

I have seen the letter writer Bob Ryan's files from his days while active in New York politics. How about 1971 in active Republican politics for starters? Bill and Ann Bunting's Republican roots are 20 to 30 years shorter after their Democrat years.

Jim Gilligan received more votes in the last Precinct 118 election. Yet former GOP Chairman Bill Bunting put in Harold Willard, who finished last, instead of seating Gilligan. This is honesty and fairness? Give me a break. This committee has inhaled too much gunpowder and it has affected their common sense and judgment.

Is it any wonder why some of us who know how this executive committee operates under the leadership of the Buntings do not attend meetings and functions or give financial aid through this corrupt committee? It is still legal to vote for whomever you desire to vote for in any election.

Daniel M. Meahl, Bayonet Point

No taxation for those with no kids | May 21, letter

School funding benefits us all

After reading the letter suggesting that the parent or parents of a child pick up the bill for education costs, I'm not sure whether he's being candid or engaging in a put-on. If it is the latter, my response would be a simple "good one."

But if he's serious, I would say that his views are consistent with someone who, in his words, has never used the school system. An investment in education is one that does not solely benefit a parent or parents, but to our nation as a whole. Today's students are tomorrow's doctors, scientists, engineers, builders, business leaders and politicians. And given what has been going on in our corporate boardrooms and halls of power, a greater investment in education is certainly warranted.

It is well past time that all of us face some hard facts We're in a 21st century world and other nations which have invested heavily in education are already outperforming the United States. The blame for this should be directed squarely not at our children or teachers, but at a system of funding that has consistently been shortsighted. There has been more value placed on pinching pennies than insuring skill sets. Ultimately, the costs for all of us will greatly exceed the taxes that the letter writer is concerned about.

Mark S. Alper, New Port Richey

View on schools is a selfish one

The writer said he should not have to pay any taxes for schools because they are "a service I will never need." I don't know if he ever went to school but since he is able to write a letter, I suspect that he has.

I am a senior citizen and no one in my family is directly using the school system either, but I find this to be an extremely selfish and not well thought-out opinion. How does he think he has physicians, nurses, medical technicians and hospitals available to him? Didn't these people have to go to schools and doesn't he and his family benefit from them?

What about all the engineers who have developed systems that he uses daily, such as electricity, elevators, modern appliances, air-conditioning, cars and other methods of transportation? What about the researchers who develop new technology in the processing and maintenance of all the food that he eats and other products he uses?

I have not begun to list all the services that we benefit from due to other people's educations. I'm sure the author would not hesitate to call 911 and utilize the paramedics if he needed them. And, perhaps there is child in a school nearby who will one day discover a cure for a cancer that he or a loved one develops. We are all responsible for our society and its maintenance and growth; otherwise, we might as well live in a cave.

Elizabeth Jacobsma, New Port Richey

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