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Residents deserve to vote on new Rays stadium

Stadium foes try political pressure | March 5, story

Residents deserve to vote on stadium

St. Petersburg City Council Chairman Jeff Danner's statement that he does not "think it should be on the books that you absolutely have to go to a vote on a stadium" exemplifies why POWW (Protect Our Wallets and Waterfront) is gathering signatures to put two referendum items on next year's ballot, giving the taxpayers the right of voter approval on such a thing.

Your article paints a picture of a council reluctant to let voters of this city have a voice. How else are the taxpayers, whose dollars may be requested for a sports facility or for major changes or development on their waterfront parks, going to be heard?

Unfortunately, St. Petersburg politicians have a long record of not listening to citizens' wishes. The controversies surrounding the building of Tropicana Field seriously divided the city many years ago. At that time, most citizens wanted to be able to vote on the question but were denied the opportunity by City Hall. Last spring the group "Fans for a Waterfront Stadium" gave away signs that said "Let Us Vote." POWW is underscoring that sentiment. Through its proposed referendums, POWW is emphasizing the wish of an overwhelming majority of voters who were asked at their local polling places last Nov. 4 if they wanted to sign petitions giving them the right to be heard on these two important issues. "Absolutely," they responded. "I want to have my say. Where do I sign?"

Faith Andrews Bedford, St. Petersburg

So-called progress

A few years ago, developers were buying everything in sight, converting mobile home parks and rental units into fancy condominiums and townhomes. Some people were literally kicked out of their homes. When they complained about it, movers and shakers replied: "We have to do it for progress."

Now, looking back, the "progress" has led us to economic collapse, foreclosures, high unemployment, out-of-control stress, worries and anxiety. Looks like life has a funny way of turning expectations upside down. If it's not broken, don't fix it.

Laila Lackajs, Seminole

No trucks on 38th

I am writing to address the problem of residential corridors being used by commercial transporters. Commercial delivery vehicles should be removed from residential corridors and restricted to the commercial corridors that they serve.

The case in point is 38th Avenue N in St. Petersburg. As a resident on this avenue for more than 22 years, I have seen both the volume of traffic increase as well as the type of traffic change.

First and foremost, 38th Avenue N is a residential corridor. There are only small areas with businesses on this street. In contrast, Park Boulevard is a commercial corridor with very little residential development. Not only is Park Boulevard a commercial corridor, it has more lanes and is divided by a concrete median.

The fact that Park Boulevard is lined by businesses and is designed for more traffic should make it the main east-west route for commercial delivery trucks and tractor trailers serving southern Pinellas County.

Commercial trucks make far too much noise during all hours of the day and night to be allowed in residential corridors. I get woken up several times a week, sometimes several times in a single night, and have had my TV program or telephone calls drowned out by tractor trailers down-shifting when approaching a red light, and have listened to them shift gears as they accelerate away from the intersection.

Another annoying aspect of the tractor trailers on 38th Avenue N is the persistence of the drivers in blowing their air horns at pedestrians on the sidewalks at all hours of the day and night.

Please help restore some quality of life and peace and quiet to my neighborhood by making 38th Avenue N a "No Truck Route."

J. Squires, St. Petersburg

The law gets more teeth March 8, story

Thanks for article

I would like to thank Jennifer Sale for the outstanding article she put together about my recent K-9 graduation on March 5 at Largo High School.

She was extremely professional, and she presented a genuine interest in my line of work. She is an asset to your paper, and I look forward to reading future articles by her.

Todd Hancock, K-9 officer, St. Petersburg Police Department

'Pot' boils anew

Welcome back to the Lobster Pot in Redington Shores.

In today's economy it is nice to see a "local" restaurant reopen, be busy and present an excellent meal. The service is exceptional. Best of luck to the new owners.

Jane Kaufmann, North Redington Beach

Pier is a destination

My wife and I have been visiting Clearwater for only the last five years. We purchased a 55-plus condo in Mission Hills during this time and have the chance to stay in our condo for only three weeks out of the year. This will change when we retire in a few years.

For us, the Pier, and the area around it in St. Petersburg, is our destination spot when visiting the east side of that city. Similarly, St. Pete Beach is our destination spot when visiting the west side of the area. And Fort De Soto is our destination spot when visiting the southern portion of St. Petersburg.

The Pier is really more than just the Pier. I consider it a landmark. The Pier and the area surrounding it are very beautiful. It's relatively easy to find, especially for us and/or folks unfamiliar to the area.

Personally, we would be very sad if the Pier was no more.

David Lucas, Trumansburg, N.Y.

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