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Residents pay fees, developers get expensive gifts

Fees for us, 'gifts' for developers

As I opened the Wednesday Pasco Times I had a reality check. The headlines touted the action of our Pasco commissioners who want to give developers a gift by cutting impact fees on new construction and to the left the story was about paying a park fee or getting a ticket.

Wow. We charge a $2 fee for a sunset, yet our developers are given a $10,000 gift. I guess the residents of the county didn't contribute enough to re-elect the county commissioners. Well, residents, you get what you pay for and our developers are getting it.

By cutting the impact fees for developers the county will be reducing the amount of money that the county has for libraries, parks and fire service.

Is this what we want for Pasco? I think not. We residents still have time to tell our commissioners what we think; final action on this proposal will not be taken till next month.

Look very carefully around your neighborhood and see all the empty houses that have been on the depressed market for months and months. By offering this proposal the county commission is not really going to help the housing market. They are giving our developers a big gift. Do you think that the developers are going to pass this savings on to new home buyers? I don't.

Also included in this mobility fee proposal is a 5-cent-per-gallon gasoline tax. Now as we watch our gas prices creep up to $3.50 a gallon, how will this hurt seniors on fixed incomes and workers driving to work each day?

The cut in impact fees also will affect our school budget. As we talk about the need for better education and more resources to educate our youth, the County Commission has not made any provisions in their impact fee proposal to cover the amount the school will lose.

I beg my fellow residents: Make your voices heard. As you look at the news each day, you can see what people banding together to make their voice heard can do. Raise your voice and let our commissioners hear what you think.

Joan Shapiro, Hudson

Reimburse for parking fees

If the owners of the Hudson Beach businesses want free parking for their customers, they should reimburse the $2 fee on their checks.

In the meantime, every person who has paid the annual fee should take up the parking spaces every night. It is about time the freeloaders pay up.

Dick Johnson, Holiday

Board erodes interest in Pasco

Once again the philosophy of the Pasco County commissioners is obvious: Give the breaks to the wealthy, such as developers, while the average guy is subjected to greater fines for visiting the free parks that were created for inexpensive and wholesome recreation.

This Board of Commissioners is mainly responsible for the decline of interest in Pasco County. Think about that, citizens, while you're stuck in traffic.

Aldo Boselli, New Port Richey

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Residents pay fees, developers get expensive gifts 02/23/11 [Last modified: Wednesday, February 23, 2011 4:28pm]
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