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Residents should be outraged at proposed mobility fees

Residents should be outraged at fees

I find it difficult to understand how the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) can at this time suggest that impact fees be turned into mobility fees and passed on to residents and that Pasco residents are not outraged.

The proposed mobility tax would ask homeowners to pay $50 a year more in taxes and 5-cents-a-gallon gasoline tax. Figure out how much you would be paying if this plan goes through.

Until now developers have tacked on the impact fee to the price of a new home. Now current homeowners would be paying these fees. If you go online and note the members of the MPO, they are Pasco commissioners and elected representatives of our cities. I wonder how much developers have contributed to their campaigns.

Two weeks ago Pasco voters defeated an item on the ballot that would have allowed the School Board to increase our school tax by a quarter-mill and we all claim that education is our highest priority. Our commissioners should note, Pasco does not want any new taxes even for education.

If Pasco can't find the dollars to fund education, why should it allow developers to get off the hook with transportation impact fees?

Please read the MPO proposal and let your local politicians know how you feel about paying these fees.

Joan Shapiro, Hudson

Mobility fees are tax in disguise

The Metropolitan Planning Organization. This organization is attempting to shift the burden of paying for new development from the people who should continue to pay these impact fees to homeowners. Homeowners have all ready paid their share of so-called fees.

Fees are really taxes which we already pay too much of. This organization wants the people who already live here to pay for more traffic, more air pollution, and more water pollution. They want homeowners to pay for the decline of our quality of life here in Pasco. Not to mention the wildlife which are losing their habitat to the bulldozers.

At the end of the article, it says "Developers in the audience praised the proposal." You can't be surprised by this praise to shift the burden of development cost from developers to homeowners. It would be nice to know how much money flows from the developers to the members of this organization. This increase in taxes must be stopped.

Sam Phelps, New Port Richey

Sheriff, get your deputies to work

If Sheriff Bob White needs more money for his department he can get a lot more if he has his deputies do their jobs. On Friday, he could have had two for the price of one.

I was driving north on Little Road nearing New York Avenue when a pickup and a blue sports car passed me at such a speed I thought I must have been going too slow (it is all a 45 mph zone) so I checked my speed and it was 50 mph. They had to be doing 65 and appeared to be racing as they each took separate lanes after passing me.

As I crested the little hill near Bolton Road there was a deputy parked in the median. Those two vehicles were already at Denton Avenue, and he wasn't moving. I see this every time I drive Little Road.

U.S. 19 is even worse, and I never see a patrol car around when someone is driving aggressively, cutting in and out of traffic. Between State Road 52 and Denton Avenue, on both U.S. 19 and Little Road, are the worse offenders I have ever seen.

There is a lot of money to be made in this area, Sheriff White. Get some deputies out there.

Donna Herrick, Hudson

Thanks to all who helped with walk

Alarm clocks rang early on Oct. 23 as Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walkers dressed in pink and began their journeys to the Shops at Wiregrass. Center court filled with crowds of energetic ladies and men greeting each other with messages of hope on their shirts, signs and faces. Some participants were in wheelchairs, some used walkers, some were muscle-clad firefighters, some were teachers, some were pushed in baby strollers, some were more accustomed to fighting crime than this horrible disease, and all were united for this worthy cause. This sea of hope numbered more than 2,500 as they gathered at the starting line under a pink and white arch of balloons.

After many months of fundraising, Making Strides teams arrived with their treasures of hope — hope to cure breast cancer and hope to help breast cancer survivors celebrate more birthdays. These treasures netted over $225,000 to fight breast cancer! The largest treasure was presented by Jazzercise Bosom Buddies with an amazing total of $24,999. Linda Davenport was recognized as the highest individual fundraiser with $18,595. Second place in fundraising, Girl's Night Out coordinated by Karen King at the Homewood Inn & Suites in Port Richey, raised over $20,000. Two teams raised more than $10,000 each, the Pink Panthers and Clerks for a Cure.

Funds raised by the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk stay in the county where raised, going directly toward survivor programs including Look Better, Feel Better and Road to Recovery.

The outpouring of warmth from the community was evident from the numerous sponsors.

Recognizing that each person who participated in this event has his/her own special reason to fight breast cancer, we sincerely thank them for sharing their stories. The 2010 Making Strides Committee recognizes the unmatched efforts and remarkable generosity and is grateful to honor breast cancer victims and celebrate breast cancer survivors.

Paula S. O'Neil, Pasco County clerk and comptroller, on behalf of the Making Strides Committee

Please add area to Crime Report

The Nov. 13 Crime Report filled almost two pages of this edition and listed 19 ZIP codes but does not include (and never does) our 33542, where we live in the Zephyrhills area.

We would appreciate it if you included our ZIP code in your Crime Reports. It's a valuable service to our community.

Elizabeth Sheely, Zephyrhills

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