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Rethink Ridge Road Extension as a Pasco hurricane evacuation route

Rethink Ridge evacuation route

Once again the Ridge Road Extension is being pushed by the county as a crucial route for hurricane evacuation for coastal residents. Let's think about this.

In the event of an evacuation notice, this road would take coastal residents as far as the Suncoast Parkway and U.S. 41. From there they would have to go either north or south to the already overwhelmed State Roads 52 and 54 in the mad dash to get to I-75. It has already been stated that the state and county are increasing the capacity of the interchange at SR 54 and I-75 and adding lanes to SR 54 in that area. If Ridge Road is to be a true evacuation route, it needs to be extended to I-75 into the area of old SR 54.

There is an old saying that if you are going to do a job, do it right the first time. This project cries out to do it right as a full project, not half as is planned now. Coastal residents need a third direct evacuation route to I-75.

Art Wilkins, Port Richey

Re: Max Horn trial

Intent of law isn't to shoot and kill

When a law is enacted there are two principles that must be considered. The intent of the law itself, and the letter of the law. Was the intent of this "stand your ground" law to protect the citizen from extreme harm or death, or was it to give anyone the opportunity to display cowboy justice? Shoot and kill because they can?

I think that most people would agree that if all of the traffic laws that have been enacted were enforced by the letter of the law, it would not be prudent to drive your vehicle out of the driveway. It would also be the same with the crimes code. What was the intent of that particular law when enacted?

Mr. Horn by all accounts took a handgun to a drinking event, and fired his weapon into the chest of an individual time after time until his weapon jammed. Is this the interpretation of defending himself? Is this the action of a reasonable person giving a reasonable response to a confrontation?

It was very fortunate that a child or an innocent bystander wasn't killed or injured. Responsible gun ownership requires common sense and good judgment. Why would an individual bring a loaded weapon to an affair that is noted for drinking and partying? Is this type of individual looking for a confrontation?

Was the individual who confronted Mr. Horn out of line? Perhaps! But did he deserve to have six bullets pumped into his body before the weapon jammed? I think not. These cowboy tactics only make us responsible gun owners cringe.

Daniel August, Hudson

Re: U.S. 19 businesses

Eat downtown, help local owners

In response to the story concerning the businesses in west Pasco and their struggles to survive amid the current economic situations, I have a suggestion for Commissioner Ann Hildebrand and everyone else who may be frustrated with the long lines experienced at the larger, chain restaurants in the Trinity area. Please consider patronizing the wonderful restaurants available in downtown New Port Richey and other cities throughout the area.

These businesses are locally owned and offer wonderful menu alternatives to what you might find at the larger chain establishments. Customers will enjoy delicious meals and attractive prices and hopefully gain the personal satisfaction of knowing that they are truly supporting the local community. As a bonus, downtown New Port Richey offers a safe environment so that an after-meal stroll may be enjoyed as well, giving the opportunity to visit a variety of establishments without the need to drive.

Granted the businesses along U.S. 19 are struggling, but supporting the heart of a downtown area is a great way to jump-start any economy.

Eric J. Fregger, Port Richey

Family, house precede cities

When Page Clark died on Dec. 30, 2009, the amazing fact about his life was that if he had lived two weeks longer it would have been 93 years that he had lived in the same house in which he was born. Also, his 89-year-old brother lives in the same house where they both were born. My wife, their cousin, was born in the house next door to them 90 years ago.

Both houses have stood for about 100 years on property along the Pithlachascottee River just south of the casino boat landing and Nicks Park in Port Richey. These pioneer homes were built on approximately 3-foot-tall piers and neither house has had water from flooding inside during those 100 years.

Until Page died, my wife and the two Clark brothers all lived in Port Richey since before either Port Richey or New Port Richey were cities. In those years, their father, grandfather, uncle, brother and cousin have served on the Pasco County Commission and both cities' governments.

Walter J. Mallett, Port Richey

Rethink Ridge Road Extension as a Pasco hurricane evacuation route 02/10/10 [Last modified: Wednesday, February 10, 2010 10:30pm]
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