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Revisions to noise ordinance will cost Dunedin

Noise revisions will cost Dunedin

This note is in reference to the recent issue of Dunedin's noise ordinance. I am a resident of Dunedin and my home is located on Aberdeen Street. My wife and I moved to the area almost 10 years ago and absolutely love downtown and all that it has to offer. Like many others, the close proximity to downtown and its social atmosphere were major contributing factors to our decision to purchase a home close to the downtown neighborhood. In fact, a decision to spend more on a home than we previously planned was largely attributable to these factors.

This being said, I strongly believe that the revisions being proposed to the current noise ordinance will greatly restrict the social and economic environment of downtown Dunedin.

Personally, I enjoy hearing the activity of both downtown and the baseball stadium. It's a friendly reminder of the activities that make life interesting and fun.

Granted, while we live close to both areas, neither is located directly in our back yard. However, when purchasing a property, wouldn't common sense tell you that a greater level of activity and noise would be the result of close proximity to either a downtown area or a ball park?

Do we now need to adapt an entire city in order to satisfy a very vocal minority that may not have made the best living decisions for their needs? It's not as though the downtown and ballpark suddenly appeared to the surprise of the surrounding residents.

Often, people wishing for easy access to restaurants, shops and nightlife live near more concentrated downtown areas, while those wishing for a quieter, more serene atmosphere live in outlying areas and deed-restricted subdivisions.

Limiting the downtown and ball park elements will greatly diminish the allure, excitement and economic prosperity of the area, resulting in a less attractive living and real-estate environment for the majority of folks who have decided to reside in the downtown Dunedin neighborhood.

There was additional discussion during the last City Commission meeting regarding associated costs related to the creation and enforcement of new and existing noise ordinance rules. It would be interesting to see the number of folks actually complaining about the noise issues. My guess, and this is only a guess, is that there are a select few that are consistently driving the noise issue for the downtown area.

It seems a shame for additional costs to be borne by the city, residents and businesses only to appease the issues of a few. I personally do not wish to pay for the complaints of a few with additional fees, taxes or reduced home values.

This is not a residents versus business owner issue and many of my fellow Dunedin neighbors share the same feeling.

One more note: I have been lucky to attend the various meetings arranged to discuss this topic. However, only one of the four meetings was scheduled during a non-business or non-working time period. Scheduling these meetings during typical business hours makes it very difficult for those in the workforce to attend, potentially biasing the forum.

Perhaps a friendlier time could be arranged to provide a more diverse attendance and a more accurate view into the wishes of the entire community.

Thank you for your work with addressing this important and sensitive issue.

Chris Gregory, Dunedin

Clearwater gets Iron Girl race | Dec. 2 story

Quit snarling traffic with races

There are already too many races, runs and walks that impact Clearwater Beach. Now the city has sneakily foisted yet another traffic-causing fiasco on beach residents.

The city's secretly planned Iron Girl event, which will be held April 10 during the prime spring break traffic time, will create more mobility problems for beach taxpayers.

Haven't we suffered enough of these inconveniences over the years? Must we shoulder another tourist-development scheme?

For instance, during the recent Iron Man race, mainland-bound traffic from north Mandalay Avenue was halted for over an hour through the roundabout. I don't want to hear we were given ample warning: we were only told that there would be "delays," not total stoppages.

Enough is enough; stop scheduling these traffic-snarling events without citizen input.

Paul R. Koenig, Clearwater

Artfully decorated Nov. 30 photo

Enjoy holidays at Dunedin center

I enjoyed the picture and caption about the Christmas tree at the Museum of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg. I thought it appropriate to let you know that the Dunedin Fine Arts Center has 12 fully decorated trees located throughout the center this year. This tradition was begun many years ago by past director Nancy McIntyre.

All of the ornaments, decorations, and artists' work are for sale and support the center throughout the year. Everyone is invited to enjoy the holiday atmosphere, especially on Wednesday evenings when the center is open late and there is special entertainment.

Art Leasure, Dunedin

Revisions to noise ordinance will cost Dunedin 12/04/10 [Last modified: Saturday, December 4, 2010 1:50pm]
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